Modern Farmhouse

Holy moly, guys. It’s been a while! Here are some of the things that have been taking up all my time:

  • New job

  • Death-style illness

  • Acting as pseudo-realtor to sell my parents’ house

  • Another death-style illness

  • Actually playing out with the band

  • Single parenting while husband takes solo vacation

  • Continuation of the death-style illness

  • Freelance stuff

  • Rewatching all of Game of Thrones before 4/14.

So as you can see, I’ve been treading water just to stay afloat. The good news is, as I’ve been so crazed my brain keeps coming back to two things- writing and, well how badly I need some R&R. But the writing part is good! I think since the content (pun intended) of my day job has shifted away from writing, it has made me miss it all the more. If I can fit you into my schedule, I am available for writing and digital marketing assistance - and apparently, I will also sell your home without a realtor. Things. Are. Happening!

Another exciting adventure is that after a solid 6 months of avoiding anything related to home improvement, we are finally starting to get our act together and finish some house things we thought we’d do in the first month of being there (ha, right.) This spring we’ll be replacing most of our flooring and MAYBE even removing the ripped up wallpaper in our kitchen and bathroom. No promises, but I think the arrival of spring has gotten us in the mood to make things happen.

I have never owned my space before, therefore, I’m a little self conscious about my interior designing identity. I know what I liked 10 years ago, and I know what’s popular now. Admittedly, I like some features of what’s in vogue, but I also don’t want to adhere to society’s take on what a home should look like in 2019. I’ve never been the trendy fashionista-type, drawn to more traditional styles for both clothing and decor. I’ve only RECENTLY adopted prints in to my life. That was a big step. As I’m out shopping for flooring, paint, decor- I find myself drawn to elements of the good old Chip and Joanna Gaines FARMHOUSE e’rything. And it really bothers me.

When the world fell in love with Fixer Upper, I had to be that guy saying, “I don’t love/adore Chip and Joanna.” UNPOPULAR OPINION. I was reminded of how cute they are together and how awesome their finished houses look. Okay. I get it. Maybe it was the down-home Texas act and the knowledge that they are actually pretty staunch conservatives that turned me off. For some reason, I recently started watching episodes of Fixer Upper to fill time and as I’m making design choices for my own little house, I have a lot of thoughts about the popular “modern farmhouse” approach.

Let’s talk about shiplap. I’ve made fun of it relentlessly for years and guess what happened? In my home, our walls are kind of beat. As previously mentioned, an old, old lady who loved wallpaper and shelves with deep, thick mounting accessories used to live in my house. Things are ripped up. The entryway is one of the worst places for wall texture. We removed wallpaper, sanded, sanded some more, painted, decided to re-sand and re-paint, and still decided it looked like shit. It’s not perfect and it’s never going to be and guess what- I am okay with it! Husband, surprisingly is having a harder time with acceptance. After perusing Pinterest for ideas, I came up with one that I was pretty embarrassed about. What about shiplap to cover up the abused walls? (hand to face emoji) Husband was skeptical. I told him, IT WILL LOOK GREAT and we will look so modern and “now.” We bought the wood and husband installed it on the main wall of the entryway. We still have to paint it but, hey- it looks kind of cool. My decorating identity crisis continues.

The thing I’m wondering about is how much longer can this modern farmhouse phase last? I’ve read a lot about how it’s actually already over, and I kind of agree. Of course, in Buffalo we are about 2-3 years behind most trends so it’s still alive and well here. When I gaze at the background of an episode of Fixer Upper and see Chip and Jo’s overly decorated farmhouse, I want to barf a little. There is a thing as too much.

As we choose flooring, I wonder- are we going to hate this in 5 years? What will the style be in 10? Am I going to have major regrets? I know deep in my heart the answer is: it doesn’t matter. I own a home and can do whatever I want with it. And anything will be better than the orangey-beige carpets that we’ve been living on so far.

Do you hate me for picking on the beloved Chip and Jo? Send me your home decor porn! What are you into now?