Get up and stretch. It’s February.

We are far enough away from the holidays to stop using it as an excuse for all of our best intentions going nowhere. We are deep enough into winter that we’re storm-weathered, but not broken (YET.) We are getting closer to spring, but not close enough to actually believe it will ever happen. It’s a weird time. I find it a great time for acceptance: acceptance of what is, and for whatever challenges it may bring. Ready to ride the current but not let the current stop the progress.

Damn. Those 2 days snowed in made me extra philosophical and maybe a little crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I had the best days with my little peach. We painted and cooked and played and had so much fun. It helped me recenter a bit and remember the joys of everyday life outside of the grind. The things we get so caught up on are really not that important, in the end.

I will admit, I’ve had some weird physical ailments going on lately that are completely distracting me from feeling my best. I am hoping that getting everything else in line will help rid me of those. Fun fact: if your blood work indicates that as an adult, you are no longer immune to the Rubella virus (?!), you have to get another round of vaccinations. Another fun fact is that as an adult female, you are susceptible to all kinds of strange side effects from the live vaccine, including but not limited to: deep, painful muscle aches, extreme fatigue, and overall malaise. I mean, I guess it’s worth it to be immune when it’s over, but who ever thought a vaccine that was supposed to be good for life actually might not be? Also, this crap has gone on almost a month now. Not impressed, MMR vaccine, not impressed.

Then there’s the food and wellness category. I’m going hard in February with plant-fueled goodies and (gulp) my first true exercise routine since before I had my daughter. I am WAY out of shape so there’s definitely some anxiety about jumping back in. I am feeling the no excuses, ready for anything vibe though, so you’ll see me waxing on about it all month long here and on Instagram @thedailysampler.

What are you working on for February? Let’s overly praise each other for it until we reach our goals.