Mental Plate

Hey there. How are you? I’m fine, thanks. I know you probably think I’m always not okay, but I’m actually okay most of the time. In fact, right now I’m just sitting here wearing 3 layers of clothing in front of my seasonal depression light (lol) and thinking about things that aren’t depressing. Well, most of them aren’t. It’s still the dead of January so we’re all just doing our best around here, right?

Anyone watch the Oscars anymore? You know I do, however- I think it’s been at least 3 years since I went out of my way to see a real, live movie at a movie theater. Just don’t have the desire. The last movie I saw was one my husband sprung on me after I told him I “didn’t care” what we watched one Saturday night. Fair warning, The Little Hours is a softcore porn about medieval nuns disguised as a comedy with Aubrey Plaza and “Oates” from Garfunkel and Oates. You will get to see Oates naked, if that’s your thing. It was okay, I just wasn’t expecting that turn of events. Anyways, I have no real connection to any Oscar-nominated movie so it’s definitely less fun to watch. I used to be that “let’s watch every Oscar movie this month!” person but then they started nominating 17 Best Picture movies and I stopped pretending to do that. I will watch and chat with you live @thedailysampler on Twitter, but you’ll have to fill me in on the details of who deserves to win.

Right or wrong, I am happy to see Lady Gaga nominated for Best Actress. Should she win? You tell me. I’m happy because I remember a time when it seemed like she had kind of peaked and was on a downward spiral. (Remember Art Pop?) You could tell she was lost and unsure of where she fit into the scheme of celebrity. I find her to be very talented. I believe it was her album and subsequent friendship with Tony Bennett that pulled her out of the funk of insecurity and despair. When an icon of that caliber believes in you, you begin to forget all of the things that made you doubt yourself and clarity returns. Now? A Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee. Good story.

In other news, I’m looking for a Tony Bennett-type mentor to believe in me so I can achieve the ultimate sense of clarity and become an Oscar nominee or similar scenario. I’d love a little direction on what path to take, Tony.

I’m trying to write more. I’m trying not to overthink it- can you tell? I miss very little from the early days of my blog (2012! Check the archive!) I do miss my dedication to the craft- writing everyday. Though lack of time is always a challenge, I love the idea of getting more involved with local creative and blogging groups. Never do I feel more in tune with the universe than when surrounded by people who are excited and passionate about what they’re doing. So old friends and new: I hope to see more of you in the months ahead. I will selfishly gather inspiration from you and steep in it.

I recently saw a post from a well-known local blogger bemoaning the Instagram algorithm and her lack of time to post quality imagery to her feed. There were a bunch of supportive comments from well-meaning creatives and a lot of “take tons of photos with a photographer and stash them to use when you need material” type advice. It irked me a little because this particular blogger is a mom-dad-toddler trio and like most of us, is scheduled to the brim with work and life. I appreciated how she mentioned not having the money and especially the TIME for photography sessions to keep the brand fresh and consistent. I left a little appreciation comment of my own, but what I really wanted to say was, (and yes, I’m that bitch now,) many of these super trendy, super photo/video/animation forward people do not have families or kids or even traditional 9-5 gigs to get in the way of their photo sessions and algorithm analysis. I know that’s something I struggle with myself. Social media is literally my day job, so I know what it takes to build a brand. It’s a huge amount of work and time. The expectation that you’re going to have sultry Kardashian/Jenner-style professional content to share on the daily is simply not real life. At least, for me it’s not. It’s comforting to hear that others struggle with it, too. So yeah, I look forward to discussing this topic more with peers and get their takes on blogging, branding, and digital media in 2019.

The only other thing on my mental plate today is… I have realized I am now an unhealthy-ish vegan. Sigh. Vegan does not equal healthy lifestyle. I started WFPB last summer- truly for the health benefits and the goal of ingesting more PLANTS. I am not doing that right now. (Glances disgustedly at empty Moe’s chip bag.) This weekend I am recommitting to a true whole foods/plant-based menu. YES, EVEN LUNCH AND WEEKENDS, LINDSAY. I shared one of my favorite resources last post ( Have any secret favorites to share? I’ll take anything that doesn’t require me to buy a really odd or expensive ingredient. If I NEED that ingredient and you can vouch for it, fine. I trust you.