Detoxing in a new year can mean many things. Perhaps you’re detoxing from the overindulgence of the holidays. Maybe it’s the bad habits acquired in the previous year that you’re trying to shake. It could be nasty little people you’re trying to get rid of, once and for all. Maybe your husband left you and you’re secretly trying to make a name for yourself on the 1950’s comedy circuit. (I’ve been escaping with Mrs. Maisel and it’s working for me.) Whatever your detox, welcome to the ship: S.S. DETOX. It’s time.

No matter what your situation, it’s hard to ignore the hope and promise of a fresh new year. Thankfully, I’ve been swept up in that very hope and have many goals for the year ahead. Of the ones I can share with you here, I plan to return to a place where I was very comfortable and very happy at the end of 2018: a whole food/plant based lifestyle. I went there not for the animals or the weight loss (though that part came effortlessly,) but for the idea that if that weird lump in my right leg IS something suspicious, maybe I should stop fueling its growth with sugar and processed garbage. I have a kid now, and she’s basically the only thing I care about. I want her to have a mom, and I want her to learn this lifestyle, too. Leaving less of a heavy footprint on the earth, having energy and an undeniable zest fueled by plants, or the idea of being able to grow the food you eat are all things that I believe will factor heavily into the future we’ve created.

WOW that was preachy. I’m just excited about it, thank God. During my short pregnancy (still coping there…) I meandered away from the lifestyle simply because I couldn’t stomach it. If I should get pregnant again in the near future, I would love to continue along this path.

So there’s that, plus I realized I was kind of only living a half-life at the end of the year. I was sick all the time and kind of waiting for the next thing- which in the end, did not come. It definitely has been a sobering reminder not to wait for life just because your circumstances make it seem like you should. I woke up in 2019 realizing that I’ve been going through the motions of the daily grind without much thought, and I am ready to knock that shit off.

JOIN ME on the detox wagon. Get a new job! Get a new significant other! Get a new haircut! Eat some carrots! These first weeks are the toughest but the other side is pretty fantastic.