On April 15th, the day after my daughter's second birthday, I made a declaration. I said, "I NEED A HOUSE BY THE TIME SHE TURNS THREE, BECAUSE I WILL NEVER AGAIN HOST A BIRTHDAY PARTY IN THIS LACK OF SPACE!" I yelled it, just like that (to my husband.) As you know from previous posts, I launched myself into the it-will-probably-take-at-least-a-year-if-not-longer search to figure out how to get my family into our first home. It was embarrassing to admit that everything we'd attempted to do the last few years to save up enough for a proper down payment wasn't working. I told myself that didn't matter. Let it go. Whatever it takes, etc. 

I journeyed down a winding path of realtors, mortgage brokers, and banks to end up with the exact right people. It's funny how the universe brings you to where you need to be. I have some angels in my life that assisted on the financial end. Without these people, it would be impossible for me to say...

On July 15th, exactly 2 months after I decided to find a way to make it happen, my offer was accepted on our new house. I closed yesterday, and today, I am finally a homeowner. It's surreal. We got ourselves an adorable little starter home that needs a lot of work and patience (pray for me there,) but it is ours, and I'm thrilled. 

I am a millennial who traveled the world, had an unnecessarily elaborate wedding, had a baby and too much avocado toast along the way (HA.) My gratitude is overflowing that I was able to add this piece of the puzzle to my charmed life.