Ah yes. Here we go again. We're going to buy a house.

I made that a definitive statement because GD, it's going to happen. As you know, we are first-time home buyers. The process has been.... discouraging. I'm at the beginning again. We first attempted to buy when we moved back to Buffalo in 2014. With both husband and I starting brand new jobs (mine being commission-based,) they said "GIRL, BYE." I was sad. We haven't even bothered trying since.

I want a house. It probably won't be a pretty house or contain any of my 5-star needs, but it will be mine. I will paint it and decorate it and call my dad when something breaks. I can't wait. It's going to be brutal and amazing. As I've started to browse Zillow again, here are some of my potential homeowner thoughts. Note: this is an ongoing series. 

  • Why the fake fireplaces? We can see it's fake. It looks silly. Does it provide warmth? Why? Why?
  • So many quilts. If you have more than 2 quilts in your home and use them to decorate walls, I don't want to buy your home.
  • If you live in Williamsville, NY- congratulations, you never need to update your house and will still get $30k over asking price.
  • The most 90's thing you can have in your house (besides BRASS E'RYwhere) is a built-in desk in your kitchen. I don't know why this happened in the 90's, but people wanted to do work in their kitchen.
  • Why with those plastic outdoor stars? Especially why with those plastic outdoor stars on the inside of the home?
  • "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" wall lettering is my #1 home buying turnoff.