The Hunt

We are in the thick of it now. A few weeks ago, house hunting was just a glimmer in our eyes, a mere possibility sometime in the near or far future. Today, we are ONLY thinking about houses, ALL of the time. I'm already over it! Weeeeee! So happy to be a part of it all.

So while I continue to have no time for anything in my life but seeing and being disappointed by houses, I'll leave you with a few updated house-hunting thoughts. Plan to hear from me either soon or maybe in 6-8 months when we are done with this horrid process.

  • Everyone has seen you lower the price of your weird, eccentrically decorated home on a busy street three different times now. Raising the price again is not fooling anyone. Let it go. Let it go.
  • I'm prime target audience for a good flip. Updated? Sure, I'll bite. Please save money for the upstairs, and please make sure to remove all faulty wiring from 1880 because my realtor/home inspector will find it!
  • I can smell your cat(s). Take $5k off.
  • Why are only corner lots for sale in WNY?
  • I saw a house with red (???) sponge painting (???) all over the walls. Sorry- that looks like blood. What is happening in that place and why are you asking $180k for someone to be okay with it?
  • Does anyone know if it's bad to live near giant power line grids? Can you get back to me ASAP on that?

Until next time!