April was crap. It pains me to say that because it generally does have a lot of potential: the start of spring, gradual warming, Easter celebrations, and my girl's birthday. This year was a true shitfest. I actually feel brutalized by April. In an American society already deeply depressed, the last thing we needed was just about everything that occurred in April, INCLUDING the worst weather on record of all of the Aprils in history (probably.) 

So here it is, May 1st, and I just feel..... tired. Lots of work last month combined with that other stuff I mentioned and I'm feeling less than inspired. This is when I know deep down, as much as I want to speed up and do more, create more, push harder, I need to slow down and rejuvenate. We Americans really suck at self care. We don't use our vacation time (well, people without babies don't use their vacation time,) we barely sleep, we feel guilty for using vacation time and sleeping, and we believe the ultimate success is only achieved once we have worked 60 hours/exercised twice a day/made 90 new networking connections/made a week of healthy meals/went to 4 social events/fizzled into a pile of liquid stress. It's so backwards. No wonder everyone is on drugs. Believe me, I've been offered. I'm afraid I'd like them too much.

For me, May has to be about falling in love with the little things again and taking care- not just of the people around me, but of ME. I've written about this before, it's not new. I settle into a phase of dedication and start to feel better. Then it's off to the races. Creating meaningful care habits and routines is the real challenge. 

Where to begin? I think the best place to start is presence. Being present in whatever moment you find yourself in is likely the fastest way to nirvana. I'm a type-A freak, so it's nearly impossible to just be- just enjoy- just breathe. It's uncomfortable and my mind is always running towards the next thing. If I start with this and practice, practice, practice- I think good things will happen.

I am going to challenge everyone to pick one small thing to focus on for a month and just do it. The only requirement is that it has to help you take better care of you. Just add it to your to do list.