Sun Worship

The sun is out. It might even stay out for the next few days. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE UNTIL IT'S GONE. I think Buffalonians will go at least a good 3 months before ever taking the impending spring and summer for granted OR complaining about the heat/humidity. Can we agree on that, people? Only gratitude for the sun and warmth. Layer on that sunscreen because the sun will kill us all, but also enjoy those deadly UV rays. So much vitamin D.

It's crazy what a little sunshine and hope can do for your perspective. The difference between yesterday and today is tangible. It's hope. That's all I really wanted to write about today- how good it feels to feel good. 

So enjoy it: the sun, new music, friends and family, networking, new opportunities, spring clothes, cocktails, doing something nice for someone else, taking a walk, West World's return... whatever it is that makes you feel happy, excited and grateful. Now's the time to sink in and receive it.