Welcome Back

The Daily Sampler launched on 12/31/12 with one focus: a pregnant Kardashian. I went on to share my thoughts on entertainment, food, drink, pop culture, travel nearly every day for a full year. Every day! Daily! The next 4 years, I continued writing and sharing and having fun with my blog. Life got busier and like many pet projects, this one went to the far, far back burner of life. 

Five years later, I still have the passion and maybe about 37 minutes more than I had two years ago. I can get a lot done in 37 minutes. I'm less worried about topics and taboo. I'm here to write.

If you're new, hello. If you're old- hello, me too. Thank you for your continued support. The best way to get your Daily Sampler is via social media- which means you can opt out if I'm getting a little too wordy. I used to collect your information, but sold it all to Facebook for a fairly reasonable price. [KIDDING, Mom!] 

Find me talkin' snark on Twitter @thedailysampler, filtering the F out of things on Instagram @thedailysampler, and posting items that won't start political fights on Facebook (but no promises) http://www.facebook.com/TheDailySampler/. 

It's the next chapter. Let's begin.