I thought it was amusing to coordinate my relaunch with Easter-specific imagery from Jesus Christ Superstar because A) Easter, B) Jesus Christ Superstar Live and C) it's one of my favorite things ever despite the religion and Jesus part. Thanks to the 7 people who got it.

Just finished watching the live event and was pretty blown away. Mind you, I am a real jerk to people on TV, especially those who are remaking classic musicals and then ruin them. This performance was masterfully done. I almost can't believe NBC was behind it. The minimalist set (like the original,) actors who have the chops to pull off the insane range of vocals, the camera angles, and even the live audience placement was perfection. They captured the essence and the hype of what the Jesus Christ Superstar story was all about. I credit this rock opera for my love of music and all things musical, and they did it justice.

The feelings of pleasure I got from watching it... not THAT kind of pleasure...calm down. It brought me back to the place I was in as a high school student; I was never really sure of what I was doing or what made me tick. I was spoiled as hell, making my first trip to NYC with my Dad who took me to see a NUMBER of Broadway shows per annual trip. I watched these incredible vocalists and musicians put on the show of their lives and decided that's what I wanted to do. I wanted to feel that high every night. Now, (spoiler alert) I went on to not do that. But I wish I had the guts (and frankly, the powerhouse vocal chords) to have tried. The feeling I got watching the JCS live tonight was a reminder of what it feels like to have a real passion and excitement for something. I lost that passion for a while, so feeling it again is like a sharp dose of A-HA!

That's why I'm here. I'm not only passionate about 70's rock operas, but I'm also passionate about pursuing other things that give me that surge of mental pleasure. Writing does that for me, as does interacting with new people or time with old friends. Or hearing live music. Or seeing a BPO performance. These are all reminders to return to the things I'm passionate about, because if we aren't thriving off those highs stringing the mundane moments together, what is this whole thing all about?

PS: Happy Easter.