RIP Social Media

God, wasn't Twitter the best? I mean, Twitter in 2010/2011. Wait. Let's take it WAY back to 2005, baby. Facebook was the BOMB. We might have said "the bomb" back then. It was just us college kids, and we wrote full-on, private messages for each other in plain site. It brought more to our lives. It made us laugh and also helped us find ways to say personal things right on someone's public Facebook wall, without abandon. If you can still go back in Facebook memory land and see what you wrote on your roommate's wall in 2006, DO IT. You will be so embarrassed. The early days were the glory days- before newsfeeds!

Via Twitter, I was introduced to several IRL people who connected me to the various cities I was living and traveling to (Buffalo, Halifax, Irsina, Ann Arbor) and I quickly saw it could help introduce me to new friends as well as new job opportunities. It became my lead source of news and entertainment. I knew things had changed forever when I watched the horrific details of the Boston Marathon bombing spill out quicker on Twitter than on live cable TV news. Twitter had it all. 

So, it's 2018. I hate Facebook. Facebook loves selling us out and maybe loves Russia. Instagram is more fun but also kind of boring (at least, my algorithm-allowed view has gotten boring.) Snapchat is there, but it takes a lot of effort. Twitter and I may break up, or at least take a break, Ross and Rachael style. I'm saddened that the mediums I once turned to for exciting news and opportunities has become a place I need to escape. They've become so oversaturated with negativity, anger, fake news, and sensationalism that I am having a hard time tolerating it. With our smart phones in hand, there is truly no escape.

There are still many benefits to using social media, of course. Hell, that's my day job and I believe in it. I'm addicted, and maybe that's the real problem. I've loved social media since its earliest days (56 free hours of America Online, anyone?) What if we could make more of a return to well-crafted "away messages", words of encouragement, and spreading of good (and accurate) news? I don't want to read never-ending arguments and vicious political attacks anymore. Maybe it's wishful thinking. Maybe the current social media platforms will wither up and fade away.

If you want to connect with me on social and not send a dick pic, that'd be great. I still believe in the power of social media connecting people, all across the land. Click the little icons up in the right-hand corner. I'm pretty nice (unless you're sending a D pic.)