20 Days

20 days is not a long time. It’s just long enough for a small accomplishment to happen, but short enough where it might not. It’s short enough where you can look forward to some result within a reasonable span. None of that, “I’ll retire in 12 years, 2 weeks, and 7 hours” crap. (Near) immediacy. I’ve chosen 20 days for my latest project because in 20 (well, now 19) days, it marks the one year anniversary of when my life began. Ugh it’s cheesy as hell, but yeah. That’s the day my daughter was born. My befores and afters are forever changed.

A lot can happen in a year. This year felt like both the fastest and slowest of my life. On a personal level, it seemed not a whole lot went on, mostly because my days were spent shut up in the house, caring for a newborn. But I did become a mom and kinda sorta learned how to be a decent one. Of course, a lot happened for my girl. A LOT. She went from an 8 lb. bundle of helplessness to an almost-walking force who knows she wants to play with the TV remote- God help us all if she can’t. She’s an inspiration. I’d say it was her best year yet. 

So I’m closing up my fastest/slowest/most important year on April 14th, and before I get there in 19 days, I have a few small goals to help end the year as productively as my sweet, determined, about-to-run daughter. I actually have 2. One is personal and involves complete focus on myself (the horror!) The other is professional, and it’s simply to acquire one Pro bono client for the restart of Empire Digital Management. Here comes the plug. If you know of any organization, local or otherwise that might appreciate assistance in their content development, social media marketing or branding, please reach out. And hurry, because now there’s only 18 days left. 

What can you do in 20 days?


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