The 2017 Super Bowl is Boring Except For Halftime: An Ode to Lady Gaga

Geez. It’s hard running a “political blog.” Haaaa is that what this is now? I don’t think so. It’s simply a blog that refuses to be quiet (the days that I have time to shower AND write- which is almost never,) and today, I REFUSE TO BE QUIET about the Super Bowl.

Here we are again, Super Bowl Sunday. And here we are again, about to watch the super-amazing-talented-best ever-gorgeous-perfect New England Patriots take on whatever underdog happened to make it there. Oh, it’s the Atlanta Falcons. Okay. Whatever. Who cares? Someone asked me that the other day regarding my joyous Beyonce-is-pregnant-with-twins Facebook post, and I replied, “I DO.” So, some people care. I will care again about the Super Bowl when the NFL figures out what a catch is, when the referees are retrained, and when there are more Cinderella stories for underdog teams. I’m not even talking about the Bills. I know you think that’s what I’m talking about. I don’t even care about them right now. I just mean that it is the most boring thing on earth to watch ANOTHER PATRIOTS SUPER BOWL.

Tonight, I am looking forward to one thing only: the Pepsi Halftime Show Featuring Lady Gaga. That’s the official title. This is my ode to Gaga.

I discovered Lady Gaga before everyone else. (#alternativefacts) Her song “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” was released as a single in 2008 for the short-lived ABC series, “Dirty Sexy Money.” Makes sense, right? I used to be an ABC network junkie, so it’s only natural I’d pick up new music inspiration from their shows. Remember when “Grey’s Anatomy” was a primo source of new music artists? Good old days. Anyways… when I found this song, I thought it was Christina Aguilera singing it. I found out it was someone named Lady Gaga, Googled her, and rolled my eyes at the new diva flash in the pan. Then, she released The Fame and took the world by storm with her oddball fashion and performance antics. She grew on me over time. I believe it was an episode of Oprah (RIP Oprah show) where I saw her perform “You and I” and saw past the hijinks. The girl could sing, and play the piano like Elton John. I hopped on the bandwagon.

In 2013, it was the album Artpop that almost caused her downfall. Overhyped and overproduced, Lady Gaga became a Kanye-esque “protector and creator” of all the ART in the world and would stop at nothing to talk about it. She was VERY SERIOUS about her art, guys. It was DEEP. (Look just at the track list for Artpop… deep.) Personally, I started to lose interest in the costumes and the bizarre award show entrances and so did the public. Artpop was widely panned and Gaga seemed to crumble under the critiques. She fired her manager, the same one she had since 2007 and was visibly emotional at appearances during the Artpop promotional tour. I wondered if Lady Gaga would rebound, or if her 15 minutes were up.

They say to make it in the entertainment industry, one must constantly reinvent to remain relevant. I believe Lady Gaga did just this, but not before taking a step back. We didn’t see Lady Gaga for nearly a year before she reemerged with an unlikely ally, new BFF Mr. Tony Bennett. I’ll admit, at that point in the post- Artpop world, I thought, WTF is this? The two met years prior and decided to collaborate on an album of standards, Cheek to Cheek. One night I watched Gaga perform with her legendary friend and saw something special. She appeared comfortable with Tony, and I think it helped her move forward as an artist. 

With that momentum, she continued on, singing a Julie Andrews medley at the 2015 Academy Awards with such elegance and poise that I cried. It was as if she finally overcame those years of entertainment industry hardship. When Julie Andrews embraced Gaga after the performance, you could see the beaming pride from a girl who likely idolized Julie’s performances as a child; it was an obvious dream come true. For the second time, Lady Gaga had arrived.

My admiration for Lady Gaga renewed yet again late last year when hubs and I decided to celebrate Halloween by starting another season of “American Horror Story,” (because we’re old and that’s what old people do on Halloween.) The first episode of “AHS: Hotel” felt a little out there to me, but as we went on through the season, I realized the main reason I wanted to keep watching was because of Lady Gaga’s performance as the The Countess. I loved her character, loved her portrayal and chemistry with the other actors. It got me revisiting my iPod (old person) stash of Lady Gaga classics like “Poker Face,” “Bad Romance,” and “Telephone.” I look forward to seeing their latest renditions performed at the Super Bowl Halftime show. 

Tonight I’ll place my bets on halftime being more engaging than Tom Petty + less lip syncing than Madonna, with a side of way better than Katy Perry. Don’t let me down, Gaga.



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