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2017 floated in surprisingly easy. I was relieved to see it welcomed with the traditional hopeful ambience, with a special reminder as to why Mariah Carey should go quietly and humbly into the night. I know, the words “humble” and “Mariah Carey” have never been together in a sentence before. I did feel bad for her not because she hasn’t experienced that kind of embarrassment before (she has,) but because after my voice shit the bed at my own NYE EXTRAVAGANZA PERFORMANCE, I have no business picking on anyone. As Mariah put it- shit happens. The beauty is, we all have a fresh start now.

I expected to usher in the new year with more apprehension than usual. I don’t think I realized just how negative and sad I’ve become in the last few months. I think events of the world (and I’m not just talking about the election) have really taken its toll on us emotionally, and most of us don’t even realize it. I didn’t fully comprehend until I saw this Google commercial last night. I loved it right away, and when I looked it up again this morning without the champagne haze, I was moved to tears. Embarrassing (sorry, hubs.) That’s how devastated I have felt about the state of things. But this was so well done, it left me feeling inspired and hopeful. Check it out:


I think when times are hard, it’s the greatest reminder that the only direction to go is up.

I enjoyed the perfect New Year’s Day with my family. It’s rare that hubs gets to be home with us on the weekend. It was more than I could have hoped for to start the new year. Love is everything. I hope we remember that, and work a little harder to spread it at a time where maybe we all need it most. Love you, Mariah.


One thought on “Search On

  1. I think it has put all of us down. I was not watching close and wonder what was wrong with her on the stage
    Tell me how do you handle family members that voted for the crazy man ?

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