2016 Was a Good Year

I hope you clicked on this post in anger and are already gathering your thoughts for a mean internet troll comment.

I get it. 2016 was a horrible, horrible year. A city was poisoned, innocent people massacred, Zika spread, every celebrity died, and there was that time a reality television personality was elected president. If you just woke up from a coma, I am so sorry. You likely assume you’ve died and gone to purgatory. But this is real. This is 2016.

Of course, I have a slight problem with hating 2016 forever because 2016 was the year I witnessed a miracle. Despite my best efforts to keep her in my belly on the morning I arrived at the hospital, I gave birth to an amazing girl. Meeting her has been my life’s privilege and 2016 brought her to me. (Holding back tears. Motherhood is a real cluster of emotions, ALL OF THE TIME.) Other great things happened for me in 2016, too.

After a year of looking for a job, hubs found work (albeit shitty and challenging work.) He rose to the occasion like a phoenix and impressed me daily with his positive attitude and dedication. I don’t know if he’ll read this, but I hope he knows how much I appreciate him and how I’m inspired by his sacrifice. I also got to watch him become a dad- and a wonderful one at that. Love of your life + your baby = basically the best thing you’ll ever witness. Amiright, ladies? We learned the value of family time spent together and just what we’re capable of, even on 1 hour of sleep. I learned all that I could accomplish in 25 minutes and with only one available hand. Conclusion: we are heroes and sorry, not sorry.

Professionally, I found my happiest-place-on-earth of employers and relished in it whenever possible. Though I had some unexpected internal movement, ultimately I ended up back where I belong with some of the best and most fun people to work with. I don’t know what 2017 will bring, but I’m pretty certain it will be an upward growth.

The world wasn’t all terrible in 2016. After all, we had:

Hamilton.Lemonade.That Game of Thrones finale.The return of the 90’s.Tom Brady suspended.Joe Biden memes.Michael Phelps’ cute baby.Lots of gold medals in Rio.We can go to Cuba.Chicago Cubs win World Series.Low Unemployment.More ladies in Congress.Pandas no longer endangered.Triumph at Standing Rock.Carpool Karaoke.Leo won an Oscar.Adele.Damn Daniel.Hillary Clinton paved the way.Finding Dory.The Cavs finally win.Mild winter in the East.

See? Things aren’t so bad. And even if they are, we’ve all been through enough that we’ll surely break on through to the other side. Or this is really the end and we had a good run. Either way, THANKS, 2016! You were a beautiful, miraculous, blessing-filled sonofabitch.


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