The Death of TV

I have cable again, and there is nothing to watch. Hubs and I sacrificed our cable subscription last year in favor of being able to pay other bills and having conversations with each other again. I mean, we still have Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO. We’re not savages.

Then, we moved into our new place and plugged in a TV to the cable-ready wall… and there it was. In all of it’s mostly non-HD quality glory… a full cable channel lineup. HGTV!!!! FOOD NETWORK!!! COMEDY CENTRAL!!!! BRAVO (but only for Top Chef)!!!! I almost cried.

I am still thankful for my unexpected cable. I don’t want you to think I’m not. I am mostly surprised by my (and even hub’s) lack of interest in what’s on, because what’s on is nothing. Now, there are plenty of you that will inform me that nothing was ever on, because television is a wasteland of lost time and hopelessness. That was never my experience. I have always loved a well-written drama, smart comedy, or thought-provoking documentary. What I really mean is that I love zoning out to House Hunters or Chopped. Guess what? Those shows are never on. If you want to zone out or clean your bedroom to background noise, I hope you are okay with the sounds of Guy Fieri yelling about meat on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” or some idiot who wants to downsize their life but still have a full kitchen, bathroom, and open floor concept on “Tiny House, Big Living.” I know. It’s shitty. And it’s all you have to choose from.

I’ve loved having streaming TV to introduce us to new shows. Here are the new shows I have started this past year: American Horror Story, Parks and Rec, The Mindy Project, Gotham, Pretty Little Liars (one episode,) Reign, and Master of None. Guess how many I have continued watching and/or finished? One. Many of these are great shows that I know people are obsessed with, but I just can’t get into them. I want to get into them the same way I want to finish the 4 books I started on my Kindle, but I can’t bring myself to. Entertainment is just not what it used to be.

I feel like you might want to assume the problem here is me. You may be like 15% right, but that’s another post. I fear the rest stems from high expectations about what good TV should be, and how I think we may have already experienced the peak of some of the best television has to offer. I am afraid we are on the other side of the mountain. I sometimes think new shows try too hard to be innovative or forget the whole character development piece. That’s what made some of my favorite shows of the past so popular (Lost, Mad Men, 30 Rock, Grey’s Anatomy from like 7 years ago, etc.) And now you have something like… oh I don’t know.. Quantico. I cannot tell you why, but we started watching it. Probably because of all “SEXY FBI AGENT TRAINEES IN THE BEST SHAPE OF THEIR LIVES.” Haha. That is a direct quote from the previews. It is a poorly constructed plot full of unlikely holes, but with just enough low-cut uniforms to keep it going. I heard it got some of the best ratings of the fall season. Which leads me to- maybe it’s not me, and maybe it’s not the quality of programming. Maybe it’s you, America. I also think it would be nice if shows didn’t go away for a year+. Waiting for the next Game of Thrones gets less exciting in month 8.

Thus, I am less excited to have free basic cable and am considering taking up some actual hobbies in 2016. But please don’t report this blog to the cable company because I will be devastated if we lose it. Thank you.


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