Everyone Knows: The New Year Starts January 3rd

Happy New Year, Samplers! If any of you are among the group that leaves the house on January 2nd, or (gasp) January 1st- much praise and applause to you. I have been trapped in my holiday comedown and unable to surface for new year’s plans, resolutions, or reflection. The holidays kicked my ass this year, for obvious reasons. Makes me *almost* miss being a teacher just for those long breaks. *Almost.*

Leaving the house today on an un-baby shopping related outing gave me that fresh shiny perspective for the first time since the ball dropped. I think I made it to the ball drop. They tell me I did. 2015 was probably one of my best years on record, and though it didn’t contain some stuff my previous great years have been made of like summers in Italy, blogging everyday, or marrying a hot guy, it gave me the most complete sense of self I have ever had in my 2.2 decades on earth. I can’t think of a more succinct way to sum it all up than by a quote from a wise, wise man.

“Started from the bottom, now we EEEYEAAAH.” – Drake

So I did that thing on my drive to the coffee shop today where I think about how 2016 is a fresh start, a beautiful host of a new opportunities ready to grace a blank slate. I don’t think I’ve ever started a new year in such a peaceful, happy place. Cue the gratitude train.

Here are my 2016 Resolutions. You are going to love these.

  • Leave the house more even when it’s snowing, when I can’t fit into any pants, or when I should be home doing laundry. Especially when I should be home doing laundry.
  • Be grateful and really feel it. Especially for my washer and dryer. And other things. Can you tell I have to do a lot of laundry today?
  • Breath, damn it. Deeply. And calm the F down.
  • Update my iPhone to iOS 9.2. I guess.
  • Be more organized with my time, but also chuck things when my to do list (or resolution list) gets too long.
  • Move around a little. I won’t be unrealistic about that one. I will have a whole new set of resolutions mid-year. Check back with me then.
  • Sometimes add a splash of color to my black wardrobe.
  • Be more supportive and understanding of the people I love. But be harsher with strangers. Just kidding. I’ll be nice.
  • Try liking hockey again. I like it, but not enough to watch 82 games.
  • Be a good mom and try not to be annoying about it.
  • Cut it with the guilt. Guilt for eating the wrong thing, saying no to people who overstep, for not being productive enough, or trying to make everyone happy. Guilt is probably one of the dumbest things in our world, and I blame it mostly on being Italian and a lapsed Catholic.
  • Sleep. Whenever possible. Wherever possible.
  • Strong coffee, wine, strong coffee, raw fish. That’ll also be on my mid-year resolution list but closer to the top.

Okay check back with me in 2 weeks. We can then start crossing some of these off the list and analyze what went wrong.


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