Happy People Aren’t Funny

I think I’ve had a major realization. When you’re really and truly satisfied with life, you are not that funny anymore. AKA, misery = hilariousness (and the ability to make up words like hilariousness.) I am just not that miserable these days, so I guess I’m missing a piece of what originally made The Daily Sampler so enjoyable to write (and hopefully, to read.)

‘Tis the season- not for holiday gatherings, but for analyzing your daily blog, what is once was, what it is now, and what you’d like it to be. I just spent much of the evening resting (also ’tis the season for exhaustion and illness) and reading old posts from three years of Sampling. It brought me back to the days where daily posting was a job I took very seriously, and each day that I made it a priority, I grew as a writer. I am a writer. Did you know that? I think I forgot, amidst a year full of other interesting life events.

I want The Daily Sampler to be funny, but I also think the world can be a terrifying and unfunny place. I have a lot to say about that stuff, but this blog started as an escape to all that serious and argument-fueling BS that’s everywhere else. When you are being funny, it’s often at the expensive of someone else. Maybe it’s because I’m older and softer now, but I am less in the mood to pick on someone’s red carpet outfit. I also really like and care about the people in my daily life, whom I have to see face-to-face all the time. Hiding behind your snarky blog from another state is much easier than explaining why you bashed a political candidate who someone (wrongly) supports to their face. I don’t want to fight with you.

I want to obsess over Buffalo, and although I am still in love with everything about it I’m also A) tired and B) pregnant, which makes it harder to get out and report on all the awesome happenings in town. C) If you don’t live here, you give the fewest shits about what I have to say, and selfishly, I want you to give some of the shits.

I want to write about my daily life, but I’m excessively worried that you do not want to hear about my baby’s first kicks or how I want to decorate our home. It’s ironic because for so long, I wrote about adventures and travel but longed to write about “normal” life things like houses, babies, and nesting. Here we are, and I’m now not all that convinced. Can I still be The Daily Sampler and commiserate about the cost of cribs or is The Daily Sampler my Sasha Fierce? I hope you know who Sasha Fierce is, or we really have nothing left to say to each other.

I guess what made the DS successful to begin with was a dedication to writing all the time- regardless of whether it ended up being “good” or “bad.” Or mean. There were some mean ones- but guess what, reading them again, they don’t seem so bad. If you’ve been following along I *even* removed the password protection to the famous, “Things That Kind of Sucked in Halifax, Nova Scotia” post. That stuff really happened! I was just writing my truth. I think you’ve waited long enough. Go read.

2016 is just around the corner. If I were to continue with The Daily Sampler, it would be its fourth year. I’m not as inspired to write about the fluffy things in life. I have more to say now. But that’s the thing about being a writer- releasing it into the world is half the battle. My choices are: to embrace the “good,” the “bad” or say goodbye, and I’m not ready to let go. The Daily Sampler will continue to sample news, articles, gossip, viewpoints and videos from not just a few realms of life, but ALL THE REALMS. In 2016, let’s stop limiting ourselves and being so worried about EVERYTHING. Just do it already.


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