The Best of DS: Happy Hour – A Very Bourbon Christmas

Happy Friday! One week until Christmas! What?! Really?! No. I’m not ready. It’s okay. I’ll just have to go to a physical store. With people in it. Sneezing people and screaming babies and only one check out line. Can you see now why you need this classic Happy Hour repost? PS- I’ve grown to actually like bourbon now. I miss it so. 


Last night, the topic of bourbon came up. Not a topic I would bring up, but my in-laws described a DIY gift they used to make family and friends around the holidays, involving fresh Michigan cherries and bourbon, and then steeping the mixture for months ahead of time. It actually sounded good. I then regaled them with tales of the “traditional” bourbon chocolate covered cherries my aunt brings to every Christmas. Like every year, I eat one, scrunch up my face in disgust, and say, “Until next year, you nasty little things!” See? Bourbon is a holiday family tradition for many. Find one that your family will begrudgingly make a holiday tradition, too.
28 Bourbon Cocktails (Saveur) – This list should get you through each night of the week ahead, at least.



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