The Best of DS: Snowvember 2014

As we continue our journey down Daily Sampler memory lane, lest we EVER forget.. SNOWVEMBER. Who kind of misses the snow? Don’t lie. I know you kind of do. 


It’s Buffalo. It snows. I know this, and I’m fine with it.
Once upon a time, (okay, once a year at least,) I would think about moving somewhere south. Well, actually west- because I would survive the south for about 2 days. Then, I got over it. I like seasons, and I like a white Christmas, and I like fully appreciating a crazy gorgeous summer day in a way that no Floridian ever could. Then there are days like today.

We knew #Snowvember was coming and most of us were good little listeners and stayed home, off the thruway, and waited. I am SO grateful that no one I know tried to be a hero and ended up stuck in a car somewhere. It’s funny because this is not a new thing for us. There was the Blizzard of ’77, the Millennium storm, and the October Surprise storm. I will never, ever forget 7 FEET of snow in December of 2001. It was unlike anything I’d seen before or since, and it happened just long enough ago that I almost forgot it is possible. But that 7 feet fell over about 4-5 days. The 6 feet that fell today? 24 hours. This is Snowvember.

The craziest part of this whole thing is that just about when we might have a chance to dig out in Depew/Lancaster/Cheektowaga and south, there is going to be ANOTHER winter storm. Like, a day from this moment. Truthfully, I’m kinda freaked out by it. Will our windows hold? I already can’t see out of them. What about when the temperature rises to 60 degrees on Monday and all 8? 9? feet of snow melts? Maybe I should have a glass of wine.

Then I remember, I’m in Buffalo, New York. We are not Atlanta. We are tough in Buffalo. Toughalo. If the roads were open, we’d drive to friggin’ work. Men, women, children, seniors- all of us. When we see someone stranded in their car in front of our homes, we invite them in for a pee and a hot chocolate. When our neighbor desperately screams our name at the end of our long driveway after walking for hours to get home, we invite him in and give him our husband’s pajama pants. This is The City of Good Neighbors, and together, we will survive Snowvember 2014. We will be okay.

Also, if there is cookie dough available to you, just eat it. You will waste more energy than necessary trying to avoid it.

image-5My car? Maybe? This was around 11:00AM.

And about 3PM. I won't show you what's happened since. It will depress you.
And about 3PM. I won’t show you what’s happened since. It will depress you.

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