Sunday Smack Talk: Why is Trent Dilfer Gainfully Employed?

I could start today complaining about the amateur-hour refereeing in last night’s Michigan vs. Michigan State game that contributed to the unbelievable last second Michigan loss. But no. I could discuss how worried I am that EJ Manuel is starting for the Buffalo Bills, and how we’re playing an undefeated Big Red and the Cincinnati Bengals in 30 degrees of cold. That’s not what I’ll do, though. As we settle in for football Sunday, I want to ask you all a question that has potentially crossed your mind, from time to time. Why does Trent Dilfer have a job as a color analyst with ESPN?

In case you were wondering, Trent Dilfer was a quarterback in the NFL from 1994-2008, and he accidentally won 1 Superbowl with the Baltimore Ravens in 2001. He went on to be the only Superbowl-winning quarterback to be let go from his team the following year, and displayed several more years of understudy mediocrity and debilitating injuries until he retired. Now he sits at the desk on several ESPN pre, post, and live game feeds, and we all have to listen to opinions about how football is supposed to be played each week.

Trent Dilfer is not new to NFL commentary. He started screaming his ideas at us way back in 2006 as a guest analyst for the NFL network. He clearly knew someone at the top.

I don’t know why Trent Dilfer makes me so mad, but I do know that I am not alone. My patience broke last week while watching the late game (I don’t even remember if it was Sunday Night Football, or MNF- pregnancy brain,) but all I could think was, “I want to mute this game. Please stop making noise. Shut up, Trent Dilfer.” Later in the week, I started to find evidence that the misery is widespread.

Why Trent Dilfer Was the Worst Color Man in History (Deadspin) – This guy sums it up, and he is WAY angrier about it than I am. I think he hit the nail on the head when he mentioned that Trent Dilfer is a “charmless ex-player using phony enthusiasm to cram his useless knowledge down your throat for 3 hours.” Nailed. It. I think the difference between someone like him and someone like Michael Strahan is that we actually like Michael Strahan, and we actually felt like he was a talented player, consistently, for a good bunch of years. Also- don’t forget he is likable. I think the know-it-all act is what makes Trent Dilfer unbearable to listen to. Because we don’t even really like him.

Another issue I have with Trent Dilfer is his nonstop desire to YELL AT US THROUGH OUR TELEVISION SCREENS. In fact, there’s a whole article detailing a recent Twitter explosion of people wondering the same thing.

Why is Trent Dilfer Yelling at Me? ( – I recommend Xanax AND a glass of wine. It sounds dangerous, but maybe Trent Dilfer has the same kind of anxiety I have while flying, and that was a winning combo for me. I’m happy to help.

Over the years, there have been plenty of sports commentators that rub people the wrong way. Hubs still gets really mad anytime he sees Kirk Herbstreit on College Game Day. And don’t get him started on Matt Millen. Maybe there is someone out there that loves Trent Dilfer’s super knowledgable and unending spew of words. If you find that person, please tell me.

Please, have an enjoyable Sunday, and never take for granted your favorite color commentators.



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