2nd Trimester: Party Time/Excellent/Scared Forever

We have much to catch up on.

I actually had a super snarky “Why Traditional Mom Blogs are Bothersome to Me,” post planned, but I saw something this morning that changed my mood. My Facebook feed revealed that a high school classmate of mine lost a baby this week, one of a set of twins, and my heart broke for her and her husband. I cannot fathom enduring such a tragedy, and I hope she can feel all of the love and support being sent to her during this unimaginable loss. It’s a stark reminder that life is precious, whether it’s one day old or 90 years old.

I woke up today ready to celebrate the beginning of my second trimester. It feels like I have been pregnant and keeping it a secret forever, but after seeing such devastating news, it made me pause and realize that nothing is certain, and “X” weeks doesn’t necessarily mean we are in the clear. It’s terrifying. Hubs keeps reminding me that it’s a waste of energy to worry about things we cannot control, and I know he’s right. I guess that’s a part of being a parent: being scared all of the time about what you cannot control for your child. It’s a helpless feeling. All anyone can do is be thankful, try to be healthy, and focus on positive energy. So, let’s do that.

Some things I’m looking forward to in the second trimester:

  • No more Seabands. – They are ugly, match nothing, and are either a complete giveaway that you are hiding pregnancy, or (as many male acquaintances thought,) you are ready to either get in a fight, or have a place to wipe your sweat after a workout.
  • Goodbye queasy mornings. – And afternoons, and evenings. Cross your fingers on this one. I’m not certain it’s gone for sure yet.
  • More energy.  – I have never been this tired in my life.
  • No more secrets! – I can ask people about pregnancy pillows and have a baby themed Pinterest-fest. Not to mention, I’m fat for a reason now. Phew. #vain
  • Baby gets bigger. – Today? Baby is peachy.

  • Exercise. – Though I lucked my way into losing a bunch of weight before this all went down, almost none of it had to do with exercise. Whoops. If I don’t start moving now, I will be in big trouble come say, week 36.
  • Vegetables. – Lost interest in those for a good 12 weeks. I’m easing back in with my favorite, Brussels sprouts.
  • Real plans. – We haven’t even started to truly think about names, baby needs, nursery planning, or any of that stuff that makes it “real.” It’s time, and though I’m overwhelmed by much of it, it will be fun and exciting. Looking forward to it. Except for creating a baby registry. I’m already having sweaty flashbacks to my wedding registry. It took us three visits to finish (and lots of apologies to each other.)
  • B or G!? – We are among the impatient people who plan to find out what we are having. The best part? We will find out the week of Thanksgiving. Talk about wonderful timing!

That’s all we’re going to do today. I’m off to take a walk on this gorgeous fall day and just be grateful. I will return tomorrow and be way more entertaining and a lot more Daily Sampler-ish. Promise.


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