You Knew This Was Coming

When I don’t write at The Daily Sampler for long periods of time, there’s typically a few reasons why.

A) Time. Like most people in these United States of not-enough-time, I too get bogged down with the daily grind, trying to decide what’s most important, and trying not to feel bad when I opt for a TV zone-out rather than an entertaining blog post.

B) Un-Inspiration. When I started this thing way back in 2012, I was seeking something outside my routine that would entertain (you and I,) allow me to connect with people locally and internationally, improve my writing craft, and truthfully- distract me from my unhappiness at that moment in time. Remember how bitchy I was?! Yikes. Luckily, those unhappy moments have passed, and now I’m left with trying to find the stamina to live-tweet anything or give a crap about Taylor Swift’s latest feud.

C) Events. Sometimes events prevent me from being in the mood to share, or attempt to be extremely witty and enjoyable. Sometimes those events are sad, sometimes those events are…. rad. Sorry. I’m out of practice here, kids.

I return today with news from category C. After great years of travel and adventure, and after tales from The In-Between, I would like to introduce you to:

The Baby Sampler.

Whoa boy. This is real life.

Now, a few things to note about this new venture. For one, I hate mommy blogs. Yes, I realize I may be a judgmental pre-mom on this one, but the small glimpse I’ve had into the world of “mommy blogging,” is a major turnoff, and it’s not something I want to mimic at The Daily Sampler. I will get into my reasoning for this on another post, but basically- no. I am not going to write an article about the nerve of a woman on a plane who shushed my child. Shut up.

I do, however, have many thoughts, feelings, curiosities, and musings as hubs and I enter this unchartered territory for the first time. Mostly musings, because this whole situation is amusing and bizarre at times. Being pregnant is both incredibly common and incredibly special- and I’ve seen it from both sides. Since day one of OhmygodThisISHappening- we have felt so blessed to have gotten to this stage without the hurdles that so many couples endure. We fully realize the luckiness bestowed upon us. Yet, I also know that as a future mom, my assured plight of zero sleep and spit up in my hair is not the most novel thing that has ever happened in the whole entire world. So I hope The Baby Sampler is enjoyable, maybe (way down the line) informative, and most of all, a place where fun parents and non-parents can appreciate each other and stop the judgement. Unless you write a mommy blog. Then I’m not sure you will enjoy it.

Thanks as always for indulging me, and joining me on every ride I’ve been on since 2012. There have been quite a few. We are thrilled to navigate the next chapter of The Daily Sampler with you all, and excited to welcome Baby H into the world in April 2016. 

PS: I will still write about Taylor Swift, sometimes.


2 thoughts on “You Knew This Was Coming

  1. Congratulations. I hope you don’t mind one piece of advice from a stranger. My wife and I got tons of unsolicited and solicited advice during her first pregnancy, much of it useful. There was one thing nobody told us: GO TO THE MOVIES WHILE YOU CAN! Date night for us was always dinner and a movie. It became a rare event to go to the movies after our first born. Now we have two kids, under age 10, so the movies means movies they like. And when we have a babysitter we don’t want to spend half the night at the theater. Can you tell we miss grown up movies? So head to the AMC on Maple that has comfy recliners, watch any adult movie, and enjoy every moment of it!

    Fellow 716 blogger (

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