Screwed if you Caffeine, Screwed if you Don’t

The Daily Sampler took a knee this week in honor of exhaustion. Life has been extra tiring lately, and there is one reason for that. I gave up caffeine. It’s been really dumb. Apparently, having less caffeine is “good for you,” and “science” says that it can “improve” your health and overall well-being. I’ll get back to you on that one.

So now I’m in the hunt for energy makers that aren’t coffee related, and honestly, I’m having a real hum-dinger of a time coming up with anything. Red Bull? C’mon. That’s disgusting. Exercise? Whatever.


All-Natural Instant Energy Boosters (Shape)- If all it takes is a tap-tap-tap on your thymus (Google it) then maybe I will survive after all. Or maybe this article is a load of garbage.

Decaf vs Regular: Can You Taste the Difference? (Huffington Post)- Yes.

How Much Caffeine is Too Much? (Mayo Clinic)- I wasn’t quite up to 4 cups, but I was no baby, either. I miss it. Sigh. But sleeping better will be worth it- right? RIGHT?!?! #withdrawl


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