Time Is Not on Your Side

Hi, guys. Thought I’d give you a little break yesterday to get out there and enjoy summer. You guys really need to cut back on sitting around on the couch, reading blogs. That’s what winter’s for! [This message may only apply to some people… {me}]. This week- the message is clear: GET OUTSIDE. EAT SUMMER PRODUCE. LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS. Repeat.


August Seasonal Foods (Woman’s Day)- I felt disgusted with myself when I realized throughout all of summer, I’ve basically only had berries. There’s nothing wrong with that- they are delicious and nutritious but not partaking in all the melons, for instance is pure sin. I bit into my first honeydew yesterday, and all I can say is… worth the wait. Don’t miss out. It’s PEACH season now!

Here’s Proof Going Outside Makes You Healthier (Huffington Post)- Nature increases brain function. That’s the one I’m interested in these days. As I write this, I impatiently waited for my teapot to whistle. Then I realized I never turned on the burner. Gotta get outside. ASAP.

SOB’s Ultimate August Bucket List (StepOutBuffalo)- SOB doesn’t stand for what you think it does. Again, this list will only directly benefit Buffalonians, because I’m selfish and lazy. This is a great list- and maybe you’ve already done some of these things. But maybe not. If you live somewhere else in the world, you can use this list to help you think of ideas or you can print it out and bring it to your mayor and insist that he or she gets to work creating these opportunities for you.


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