The Politics of Television

So many things to watch tonight, and few of which I actually have access to. Ah the cable-free life. Ain’t it grand? Actually, I’ve done surprisingly well for myself and even somehow (gasp) don’t really miss TV. But, nothing worthwhile is on, so we’ll see how I do during fall premiere season.

Tonight is no exception, and unfortunately tonight is the night we say goodbye to the last of the Comedy Central dream team- Jon Stewart and his Daily Show. I started watching nightly thanks to hubs- it was already part of his daily news intake, and it soon became one of the only “news” programs I could tolerate. Sure, the show started (well, post- Craig Kilborne) as somewhat of a political satire, but quickly morphed into a spotlight of the many things wrong with 24-hour cable news networks and a constant barrage of media in our lives. Jon did it brilliantly and passionately, and paved the way for so many other talents to make waves as well. The end of Stewart’s version of The Daily Show will definitely leave a gaping hole in our late nights (aka lunch time Hulu sessions… still no cable.) #JonVoyage


How Jon Stewart Changed the Way We Talk About Politics on TV (Rolling Stone)- And he did. That he did.

A Few Stellar Daily Show Alums ( In case you forgot all of the talent churning that came from what could have easily been just another silly Comedy Central show.

How to Watch the Republican Debate Online (Time)- It actually hurts my soul that J.S. won’t be around to comment on what will surely be an AMAZING Republican debate this evening. Have I ever in my life watched a non-presidential debate? Eh- maybe once, but I’ll tell you one thing, it certainly wasn’t from this group, because again ..tolerability. Tonight, I may tune in for one car wreck of a reason, and his name is Donald Trump. It’s going to be so hilarious, guys. Check out the link if you are cable free and proud, like myself.


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