TV is Easy When You’re Always Tired

The streak must continue, despite my seemingly never-ending exhaustion. I am still feeling August guilt pretty badly (the guilt you get in August where you are just co-existing with summer, knowing full well it will end soon but you also really need a nap.) But alas, we must power through. Let’s keep it easy.


12 Years Ago Today, the OC Premiered (MTV)- I don’t know why, but the OC started out as a great show. I didn’t seek it out, it found me. One of my fondest memories was watching it while studying abroad in Australia at the local bar which served- you got it, complimentary popcorn and champagne. MAN those were good days. And if you watched the show, you’ll agree that Seth Cohen was one of the best written characters of the 2000’s. It was also one of the first shows I remember that featured new music and undiscovered artists… all great new song ideas to download from Napster (!)

Shonda Rhimes Explains Why Derek Had to Die (EOnline)- Um, I hope you’re caught up with your DVR. Remember how pissed you (we) were in May when Shonda ripped up the remaining pieces of everyone’s favorite doctor drama? Well, now she wants you to know why it had to go down that way, and I almost could believe her explanation except for the fact that she hasn’t seemed to care about the integrity of any other relationships on the show. Man, I still miss Denny.

Three New ‘Late Show’ Promos Released (Variety)- I for one am already feeling what will be the final cut away to a giant void left by the Comedy Central dream team when Jon Stewart walks away on Thursday night. And God, right before what is sure to be a hysterical, sound-byte filled Republican debate. Where will I get my tolerable-and-poignant news from? At least we have September and Colbert’s new take on ‘The Late Show’ to look forward to.


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