New Study by The Daily Sampler Says Drinking is Good For You

If you remember the glory days of The Daily Sampler, Fridays were for Happy Hour. Tomorrow will be no different. In fact, here’s a dirty little secret… I used to furiously type away Friday’s happy hour entry on my cell phone while my kindergarten students were in art class. Not sorry. Those were the days. Happy hour got less interesting after a while, and for a short period, having a cocktail or four became less enjoyable; massive hangovers, dehydration, and headaches ruined the post-game. I blamed it on the third decade, but found I quickly bounced back and began to enjoy the occasional (weekly) indulgence. So I want to celebrate all of the ways having a glass of perfect wine, a refreshing summer mixed drink, or an after-dinner digestivo can be great for your health.


Italian Liqueurs – Apertivo and Digestivo ( – A travel chat with a customer today made me think fondly back to my summer in Italy and all of the Italian customs I got to partake in, including the apertivo and digestivo tradition. Every early afternoon in my tiny southern Italian town of Irsina, people would stop by Caffe Ducalé for an apertivo, post nap/pre-dinner. Many of them had Aperol or Campari mixed with soda, gin, or Prosecco. It’s different in every region. One of my favorite late night digestivos was Amaro- a specialty in the south. Why aren’t we doing this, America?! Oh yeah, because of day drinking and general all-night benders.

4 Ways to Pair Oysters (DRAFT Magazine) – When it’s summer, all I think about is shellfish. The slimier, the better. Within the last year or two, I got really into oysters, and there’s nothing I can imagine better than slurping down some briny ones with a refreshing drink on a patio. This one will beer you, but I think there are plenty of wines and even champagnes that do the trick nicely.

I’ll save the rest for happy hour. Salut!


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