Enough Energy for a Bucket of Wings

If this thing is going to go down every day, apparently it’s going to go down every night around 11. I am tired post-work, post-mall trip, post-band practice. Before you ask, yes- it’s a band filled with people I’m related to… but what’s your hobby? That’s what I thought.

Because I don’t have much juice left, we will talk about the following.


Happy National Chicken Wing Day – Today is NCWD. That is a real thing. What did I have for meals on NCWD? 2 salads. Fail. If you are from Buffalo, you know the best wings come from Duff’s, Bar Bill (so I’ve heard,) Sal’s (also via hearsay, I clearly have some literal sampling to do,) and basically any neighborhood pizzeria in Western New York. The best wings do NOT come from Anchor Bar. Though they invented them decades ago, they do not reign supreme now. Don’t be a tourist and make the wrong choice when you visit. I tried to warn you. If you live anywhere else, you’re out of luck and are an embarrassment to chicken wings. Or as everyone else in America calls them, “Buffalo” or “Hot” wings. No. Don’t forget the bleu cheese. Everything else is a sin.

Now I need to go to sleep before I eat something that I’ll regret in the morning.


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