Good Things That the NFL Has Done Lately

I think that went rather well last night, no? Let’s do it again.


NFL Upholds Tom Brady’s 4-game Deflategate Suspension (CNN)- Tom Brady, you beautiful loser. You stupid, stupid man. You moronic d-bag. I could go on. Roger Goodell surprised us all (except for me,) when he upheld the original Deflategate suspension today, rendering Tom Brady an asterisk forever. Tommy didn’t like that, and neither did the NFL Players Association who plans to take the appeal to federal court. That could mean T. Bradz would potentially have to bruise his sweet innocence by testifying in a court of law, under oath. It’s dumb. I’m just glad Goodell realized this was his chance to “prove himself” after the whole Ray Rice disaster. It feels good to see the golden child have to actually take responsibility for something, for once.

But in MUCH more interesting news…

Jen Welter Just Become the First Female NFL Coach (Newsweek)- In a much needed piece of good news, the NFL took a step in a less embarrassing direction when the Arizona Cardinals hired the first female NFL coach. Now, don’t get too excited feminists. She’s JUST an linebackers coach. Give her time. I also like how the media is reporting her as “believed to be” the first female NFL coach, like the history of the league is so vast and so deep that no one knows for sure. Isn’t Jen Welter is an old, old wooden ship named Diversity? Something like that.

‘I Am Cait’ Review: Brave, Tasteful, and Kind of Boring (NPR)- I mentioned this last night, but this morning I watched the show. I was really taken aback by its power and heartfelt exploration of what it’s like to transition. Lines like, “We don’t want people to die over this. We don’t want people murdered over this stuff,” is a stark reminder that this is not just about a 65-year-old former olympian and reality star transitioning from one sex to another, but more so about the 14-year-old high school student who committed suicide because ADULTS could not understand them. Not mean kids, but adults. The misunderstanding and judgement that this community faces are life and death, and if Caitlyn Jenner can be the one to break ground and break down barriers for anyone dealing with harassment, bullying, or worse- let it be so. Again, I found myself choked up at different moments of this show produced by Ryan Seacrest, and I look forward to seeing what else I can learn from it. Spoiler alert: Cait’s hijinks get much more Kardashian-y in the episodes to come. This is still America.


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