What is The Daily Sampler?

Oh. mygod. Okay.. that outburst is for two reasons. One- in case you were wondering, yes, The Rolling Stones were amazing last night. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m so, so happy that we were there to witness it. Only thing I’d change: could have used a little “Paint it Black,” “Heartbreaker,” or “Bitch.” But, all-in-all, an unforgettable experience.

Two- this damn blog. I hit the wrong button in my pre-coffee stupor this morning and accidentally deleted my entire blog design. It’s ironic this happened today, because as another year passes and The Daily Sampler gets older, my original vision for this site gets older, too. No longer am I setting the time aside to write daily about the trivial matters of movies, television, sports, and celebrity gossip. It’s not that I don’t enjoy that stuff anymore, but I certainly have less time to browse headlines all day looking for pictures of Mila Kunis’ wedding dress. (I didn’t even know they got married last weekend. Sigh.)

That always brings me back to- what is my new vision for The Daily Sampler? How does it fit into the life I have now? Do I really want to delve into topics with actual importance and start online-arguments with strangers? Do I have the time and energy to make the full shift into “lifestyle blog” territory, and talk about feng shui and recipe creation? I don’t know.

This week leading up to my birthday (aka, another chance at new year’s resolutions,) I have some thinking to do and the result will be a template for my 31st year on Earth. Eek. That’s a lot of pressure.


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