Music and Why I Will Pay Top Dollar to See Someone’s Grandpa Perform Live

On Thursday night, we stood beneath the stretches of 190 that swerve above a bustling Canalside in downtown Buffalo and enjoyed an energetic, nostalgic, FREE concert from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. It was my second time seeing them this year in Buffalo, which is kind of funny because it’s 2015, but I have no regrets. Ringing in 2015 with one of  my favorite adolescent bands (who, might I add, are still in phenomenal performing shape) and then seeing another set on a beautiful summer night with close friends and the rest of Western New York? Ideal. And yes, I still take those moments to look around at the developed harbor, the people of all ages skanking to the music (Google it, if you’re not sure..) as the sun sets over the water and think, “I AM SO HAPPY!” I’m pretty easy to please.

Music has been the glue of the world for me since I was a young pup. My parents ALWAYS had music playing in the house. We’d clean to music, cook to music, and dance to music in the living room. They always skewed towards the softer side of classic rock with a little late 70’s disco and 80’s radio hits mixed in. My aunt is responsible for introducing me to the “must-haves” in my 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s rock book of knowledge. Whenever we were in her car she had the classics playing. My college days were responsible for widening my appreciation of bands I never had experience with before or didn’t pay enough attention to previously. They were the songs I’d pay to listen to on the jukebox at Washington Square or hope the DJ selected at Heenan’s at 2am (aka McGarret’s if you attended college after 2006.) Among them- a growing appreciation for all things The Rolling Stones.

I am no Rolling Stones expert. I don’t know all the B-sides. I like the stuff they play on the radio or the songs I heard in movies and on TV, and always love when I hear a “new” song among their collection of hundreds. They aren’t the Beatles… I know, I know. Everyone has their favorites. Still, I have songs that are attached to certain memories during those college years that I won’t forget- like anxiously trying to complete my Digital Media Arts final freshman year which just happened to be “opening credits” to a fake movie. The song to that opening credits? “Gimme Shelter.” I had to listen to it over and over until that trailer played correctly. I think I blew it. I never found out my grade on that exam, but I will love that song forever. Or, laying in the sunshine during my study abroad in Australia listening to “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” thinking about how everything I that I thought would happen during my college experience didn’t, but how life always leads us to where we’re meant to be, in places we never could have dreamt of ourselves. These are just some reasons I begged my husband to get us tickets to The Rolling Stones concert tonight in my hometown. And because he’s the best, I’ll get to see these songs performed live tonight by one of my favorite bands.

A lot of people don’t understand my excitement to see a bunch of 70-year-olds who continue to defy the odds by remaining alive rock out, but for a girl whose favorite groups aren’t necessarily the most modern, to have the opportunity to see (mostly) original members of a legendary band are few and far between. I am so excited! After all, if you try sometimes… you get what you need.



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