This is Thirty, Plus One

I spent almost an entire year working up to being ready to turn 30, and most of that time was filled with dread. Once I arrived, (well- after recovering from that party…IT WAS A GREAT PARTY,) I settled into it nicely. And actually, I did in fact feel like I had in essence…arrived. 30 was kind of amazing and after a decade filled with frequent self-doubt, struggle to chase the “appropriate” dreams, goals, and people, everything fell into place. If we’re being honest guys, 30 was kind of sexy. So to those 29-year-olds out there that are facing the same uphill mental climb that most of us encounter: don’t. The day you wake up as a 30-year-old human with a good amount of life experience that (hopefully) makes you a smart, decent person… you will feel a peace. The scary wait is over. You have arrived.

31. Today is not my birthday, but tomorrow launches the best month of the year, and sends me right back to thinking, “What the hell do we do with 31?” 31 is not quite as sexy. Less defining. Less monumental. What do people do at 31? I think part of my uncertainty comes from the fact that for the last decade, I’ve pursued all the uncertain stuff- moving a lot, living in different countries, attending expensive universities, staying out until 4am, and never quite knowing how it would all turn out. At 31, I’m in the “certain” stages of life, perhaps a little later than most, but I can tell you how most of this year will look. It will consist of scrimping/saving/working, hopefully finally buying a home, and maybe.. gasp… puppies or babies. I guess that’s a pretty ultimate adventure.

I think regardless of what happens from July 19, 2015 to July 19, 2016… I’ll make 31 about redefinition. That might mean the redefinition of how I feel about making my own curtains, redefinition of how I perceive people and situations, or a redefinition of this blog (it’s probably time for a change, right?) Let’s call 31 the year of redefinition. Much like my 30th year of realization, I think 31 just may be another year that proves why the third decade is the absolute best.

Yeah. I’m going to need a bigger cake.

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