Get Your Popcorn and Lambrusco- It’s Life Update Time

It’s Tuesday, and we’re here, together. Weird, right? Maybe we can work our way up to that whole daily thing again. Hang on. Be cool. Baby steps. So, besides the shoutout to my new, fantastic/human being style schedule, let me give you a general life update. I know you’re dying to know.

Work is great, thanks for asking. With that, I’d like to remind everyone that where you plan to be isn’t necessarily where you’ll end up and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’ve spent all of my life being a proud planner, and sometimes, planning is hilariously dumb. It’s good for finances (so they tell me,) or providing your husband a healthy grocery list but in the career realm, I’ve come to find that it may be best to go with the flow, monitor expectations, work hard, treat people professionally and kindly, and you’ll end up in good space. I feel lucky to be exactly in that good space now.

Also in good shape is… you will never believe this… my healthy(ish) lifestyle. I know, I know, hard to believe. It’s true. And for anyone who follows me on Instagram or hangs out with me on weekends, you’re like “So, bourbon is healthy?” My answer is: YES. Hear me out. Over the last few months I’ve devoted myself to feeling good. That mostly means eating whole foods- think little processed, minimal sugar or refined carbs, and a focus on fruits, veggies, and lean protein. I’m not going to act superior. Much of the lean protein has been rotisserie chicken. I’m not perfect, guys. Still, that rotisserie chicken would get me through those ever-challenging 12-hour doubles right in the beginning of each and every week. Then, a few times a week, yes- I’d have a cocktail(s). Maybe a meal of whatever I wanted. But always in (annoying but true) moderation. The best part about this little setup is that when I have an indulgence, I don’t feel bad about it, and I don’t overthink it. And my body responded. I had to buy new pants. Today, my body said “EAT MIGHTY TACO FOR LUNCH AND POPCORN FOR DINNER PLUS SOME OTHER STUFF.” I listened. But it will be okay. What today did is remind me of how although the Nacho Buffito is a frighteningly delicious and kind of embarrassing to admit liking, I actually prefer the way I feel after a day of eating fruits and veggies.

The apartment: great. Maybe we’ll hang some pictures finally this week. Maybe not. I’ll let you know.

I hardly watch TV now, which is good and bad. Most of my shows have wrapped up with the exception of Game of Thrones (finale SUNDAY WHOOP!) True Detective and Orange is the New Black coming up in the next few weeks. Does anyone else think those two convicts that escaped prison in upstate New York was just an elaborate ploy to get people thinking about prison, therefore thinking about OITNB again? Just an idea. It’s working for me, Netflix! I also FINALLY started The Mindy Project and it’s plain stupid I waited so long. Mindy Lahiri is my new Liz Lemon.

Sports: while everyone has been excited for NBA Finals and the Triple Crown winner, all I can think about is opening day at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Someone recently recited the Buffalo Bills starting lineup- at least as we know of so far, and it got the butterflies flying. What an exciting roster. This has been the most invigorating offseason in years, and I for one can’t wait for football.

I think that covered my entire spring update. Still no babies or puppies. Sorry to everyone waiting for that blog. You can go to sleep now.

All you need in life is popcorn (pop it yourselves if you want to live,) wine (Lambrusco if it's all you have,) and maybe some water.
All you need in life is popcorn (pop it yourselves if you want to live,) wine (Lambrusco if it’s all you have,) and maybe some water.

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