Obsessed and In Love with Buffalo, Continued

Me thinks this blog is best written by the light of the early summer moon with a glass of bourbon on hand. Guess who’s writing this post? (Hint: Maker’s Mark.)

With all of the recent working hard, I’ve been playing a lot harder, too. Buffalo is alive with everything I’ve always dreamed of: a booming waterfront, a bustling and growing downtown, and gorgeous neighborhoods full of life and personality. Seriously, whether it was the West Side or North Buffalo, every place we visited over the course of the last week was magnificent.

The playing hard started with our introduction to Big Ditch Brewing. What a sweet, sweet victory for beer in Buffalo. We joined the huge everyone-from-all-of-Western-New-York-crowd to close the first full week of brew at BDB. Somehow, we made our way through nearly the entire beer list. Don’t judge. Some of them were samples, but most of them were full, delicious beers. Our favorites included the Lock Porter and the Hayburner IPA. We also waited the (hour+?) for a table and had some yummy snacks for dinner with an excellent view of the Electric Tower. We opted for the Hayburner wings (medium) and the Italian Market Flatbread, both delicious. Long story short, Big Ditch is the talk of the town and with good reason; it’s the place to go for a great downtown evening with excellent beer, no matter what your brew preference. Just get a cab. Don’t even waste time acting like someone will be driving home. No. They won’t.

Also this weekend: we attempted a visit to Canalside and were (mostly/oddly) pleased to see it was TOO CROWDED to find parking, so we ditched that idea. I know many families enjoyed the carnival and the beautiful weather this holiday weekend. We instead were too starving to try very hard, so we ended up al fresco at SoHo Burger Bar for brunch. Guys, I’ve never been to SoHo for anything other than a dizzy, skanky time, so yeah, it was slightly off-putting for me to eat there. The patio area is adorable, but that didn’t make up for the mediocre burgers, strangely-textured tater tots, and fine dining prices. What I resented most wasn’t even the food, but the fact that our waitress neglected to note that whether I ordered one Bloody Mary or a pitcher of Bloody Marys, that I’d be charged the same $10. I mean, do I want a pitcher of Bloody Marys for myself? Not really. But will I find a way to drink $10 worth if that is truly my only option? You bet your sweet ass I will. I would never go to SoHo Burger Bar for any food, ever again. Sorry.

A place we immediately felt at home on a Sunday was Més Que. It’s truly embarrassing that we hadn’t set foot in the bar until a Sunday early afternoon, post-English Premier League soccer season. What we still found was a bunch of friendly soccer hooligans and welcoming bar staff. The hours passed away easily, and before we knew it, we had lost hours but gained friends. Més Que was everything I love about Buffalo, NY: friendly strangers and passionate sports fans. Plus, a guy told me I looked like a character from ‘Game of Thrones’, and my dork heart soared into happyville.

Bottom line: this is just the beginning of a beautiful Buffalo summer, and I can’t wait to dive in.


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