A Sunday Sampling of Mad Men Farewells and my David Letterman Experience

Let’s get into to some good old fashioned SAMPLING. I have missed it, (and you) so, so, so, so, so, so bad. That’s a lot of so.


  • My heart breaks a little because after 7.5 seasons, Mad Men will air its final episode tonight. I will watch it live from my laptop, on streaming television. It’s poetic because live-streaming broadcast television on a small, mobile device is not something that Don Draper probably could have ever imagined would occur, but also because it will end our intensive throwback into 1960’s culture. Us 90’s kids got to relive all of the most iconic moments of pop, social, political, and fashion history and also wonder why people in the 60’s were such terrible humans. How will it all end? Hubs and I have been discussing for weeks, and one thing we’re sure of is that it will not be satisfying, closure-filled, or even definitive. Our bets are on Don Draper either A) riding into the oblivion, aimlessly, on a bus or maybe as a hitchhiker, forever and ever, the end, or B) he offs himself (I always thought by jumping out of a high rise but I think that’s out of the question now,) or C) he takes on some new personality and a new life as a stay-at-home-dad. Not really C, probably A. We shall see. I’ll miss you Don, Rog, Pete, and Joan. Bye, Peggy.

    And yes, Matthew Weiner has pretty much confirmed my disappointment: “I Don’t Owe Anyone Anything.”

  • Scandal also had its season finale on Thursday and the absolute best part of it for me was: JEFF PERRY ACKNOWLEDGED ME, A LOT. Jeff Perry is the very talented actor who plays the incomparable Cyrus Beene, if you needed a back story. He’s also been in a million other things throughout his career, and on Thursday, he plucked me out of the Twittersphere. I should say, this is not the first time cast members have interacted with me. Katie Lowes (Quinn,) and Josh Malina (David) have also made my fangirl day, and the entire cast in general is AMAYYYY-ZING when it comes to fan love and live tweeting the show, every single week. It’s just a really sweet thing to do.
    Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 11.07.26 AM
    Oh, hey JP!
    How dorky am I? VERY, VERY DORKY. #celebencounters

    Anywho, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. That ending. If you haven’t seen it yet- go somewhere else and read this later. We’re going to hash it out. So, no one died. Yes, that means I do not believe Quinn killed Huck. She loves Huck. That will not happen. Instead, Fitz got suddenly and unfairly, unbelievably righteous and got rid of both his wife and his confidant in one fell swoop. Right. Like all of a sudden that would happen. To make things even more out of the blue, Olivia all of a sudden decided she was over her anger, her objectification, and her PTSD, forgave everyone, and ended up in Fitz’s arms on the balcony of the White House, making out. What? Wait a minute, now. What? You know I’ve always been #TeamFitz, but sorry, Shonda. You can’t just bullshit us all season and then throw it all together at the end like a soup of leftover refrigerator items. We all know why she did it though, correct? Yeah. As a peace offering. For Derek Shepherd. Different show, same angry fans.

  • Other things happened this week, too- like Tom Brady getting sentenced to not-enough-punishment, him appealing the not-enough-punishment, and Roger Goodell telling the world, “I’m going to hear my sweet boy’s argument on the not-enough-punishment, and maybe give him a hug or two.” The NFL is a joke. But, I also saw the Rex Ryan truck recently and that made me excited for September, so.. sorry. Go Bills.
  • David Letterman will sign off this week after decades and decades of bringing cranky laughter to us all. He was my first (LATE NIGHT SHOW, guys… out of the gutter, please,) and I will love him forever. I had the luck of seeing the show live in New York in my formative years. My dad and I were having a fun NYC weekend when a CBS intern stopped us on the street, asked us to answers some questions about the show, and it resulted in tickets for the next evening. Thank goodness, I was able to explain Biff. Easy. We called my mom to tell her the great news and she proceeded to find out the guest on the show for that night. “IT’S RICHARD GERE!!!! IT’S RICHARD GERE!!!!” There was much shrieking, unfortunately for my dad.

    While waiting in line to get into the legendary Ed Sullivan Theater, another CBS employee pulled us from the line and put us in a different, special-er line. He then informed us we’d be sitting in the FRONT ROW. It was a magical day, and I got to see one of my favorite entertainers perform his monologue, live. I noticed his head was bigger than his body and he wore white socks with his suit. During the interview with Richard Gere, they did not talk during commercial breaks. David Letterman and Richard Gere are not friends. David Letterman and his second guest, Chris Elliott, definitely are friends, and they gabbed and laughed the entire time. It was incredible, and I’ll never forget it! Love you, David!



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