Grey’s Anatomy Group Hug Time

Oh, hey. Another day off in Daily Sampler world. Much to discuss.

I know you are all as angry as I am, and if you follow me on Twitter, you know I’ve been quite verbal (and annoying) about it. If you have been living under a rock, I am about to proclaim my reignited anger, and frankly, sadness having to do with a major Grey’s Anatomy SPOILER ALERT.

I knew Patrick Dempsey was leaving like two years ago. I have a feeling it’s because after portraying Dr. “McDreamy” Derek Shepherd for 11 years, he was over it just as much as many of us are over it. There were rumors of issues between him and Shonda Rhimes, but I always take those with a grain of salt. As you know, I haven’t actually watched the show in a few years because I find it painful to do so. Not that the writing isn’t good or the story isn’t riveting, but because I think a mess was made of what started as a character-centric show with a passionate fan base. The characters we all invested in (enough to weep at their fake death,) had stories that were scattered to the wind and basically twisted in every which way but the way we hoped. And then it went on. And on. And new characters were introduced. And on. Etc. So when the entire reason for the show, the main point of the core storyline decides to exit, wouldn’t that be the opportune time to give loyal fans the satisfying ending they deserve? Closure? That’s what I think, but from everything I’ve read, Shonda believes this is simply a “new chapter.” Whatever. I think it’s dumb. Now let’s talk about something more important in the world.


So we’ve been cutting down on meat. (Hey, it’s not drone strikes but if that’s why you’re here, you’re at the wrong blog.) The best part is the decision was made by my meat-loving husband, and I can’t say I’m upset about it. Completely vegetarian? No. Vegan? HELL NO. That was the hardest 4 days I ever spent on this Earth a few years back. But, less meat in our diet is something I think is a healthful decision in the right direction. I have become increasingly fascinated with the effects of food on our entire lifestyle. As VERY YOUNG thirty-ish people, we have already dealt with health problems that people over the hill worry about, and that’s just messed up. So if simplifying our diet helps headaches go away, inflammation disappear, and assist in a general feeling better- sign me up. I can share that already this week in our “baby steps” of cleaning things up, we’ve both lost a few lbs. and are already noticing a difference in overall well-being. We’re also trying to avoid the devil, (sugar.) I’ll let you know how things go down.

I thought I had more to talk about, but my meter is up. It’s good to be in the city again. I’m ready to fill up my calendar with some spring and summer Buffalove. When I have days off- which is sometimes. Cheers to days off, sometimes.


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