Little Tasty Morsels

So maybe I better check and see if the domain “” is available. I adorably thought with my new job would come more time, but I was wrong. Still, only having minimal amounts of free time has made me savor it ever so much more, which is probably a good thing.

Here are a few little things I have physically stopped to enjoy in the moment recently:

  • Cutting a grapefruit and …eating it. In a chair, with a table.
  • Walking outside at a leisurely pace.
  • Enjoying the smell of clean carpets in my living space.
  • Open windows.
  • Choosing library books for my Kindle (but I’m on a wait list. I only enjoyed that moment for 2 minutes.)
  • A Beef of Weck sandwich from a 150 year old restaurant… simple Buffalo tradition that I’m decades behind on.
  • Short blog entries.

Now on to the next thing. See you in two weeks.

Plants in a Window


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