Soak Up Your Sunday

It’s MARCH! March on! Springish! Very Marchy!

I think I’m a mix of going-insane-from-winter-inside-my-parent’s-house and EXTREMELY POSITIVE that it’s March, and that things have to get better and will get better, OR ELSE. I’ve had a lot of coffee already.

But really, I feel happy today that we are a step closer to spring, a step closer to daylight savings (next week Sunday!) and another new day. On Sundays, I try not to get caught up in the Sunday blues. It doesn’t always work, but sometimes it does. As cheesy as it is, I like to indulge in goodies like CBS Sunday Morning– which is a happy little morning news magazine with Charles Osgood (adorable!). Aside from football Sundays, I never watch CBS, but this is a good way to get your week started, featuring interesting, feel good stories about “regular” people and “famous” people alike. Recently, there was a story about a man who has worked as a janitor at an inner-city high school for decades. Yet, if you ask him, his true job is to counsel the young men there, guide them through personal and societal issues, and encourage them to do well in school, always planning for their futures. He also mentioned, “You will NEVER sit on a cleaner toilet seat than a toilet seat I have cleaned.” He was sweet and inspiring in more ways than one. A- no matter what your occupation, always be the best at it, and take pride in your work. B- no matter what your occupation, your job may actually go far and above what the description says on a piece of paper. You may even touch people’s lives forever.

Of course, my favorite part of CBS Sunday Morning is the nature montage at the end. No talking, just nature. Once recently, they featured owls in the Reinstein Nature Preserve, right across from this house! Since then, I have heard them cooing at all hours of the night. My parents have lived here for 28 years, and not once have I ever noticed those owls. Eye (and ear) opening.

Staring contest.
Staring contest.

I also (don’t laugh,) sometimes enjoy Super Soul Sundays on OWN. It’s a long running joke that my parents always spend Sunday morning with Oprah droning on in the background about what’s most important in life. In fact, when my brother moved out, he said he was still going to come back for Super Soul Sundays because he LOVES IT so much.

Since Oprah left her daily show, she’s gotten more and more on my nerves. Haha. I find her to be very self-indulgent in her own interests and her own friends, and find that she pushes them on us, frequently. I mean, look, I’m happy that she is friends with the Judd family, but I don’t need to watch a show about Wynonna just because Oprah thinks I should. They’re not all winners, guys. But what Oprah does offer is her desire to put refreshing and uplifting entertainment into the atmosphere, and for that, I appreciate her. Super Soul Sunday is worth the time. Sometimes, her guests go beyond Tyler Perry, and she hosts individuals who have overcome spectacular odds and learned something from their challenges. On the episode I watched today, she interviewed a woman who was the first female Episcopalian priest, but left it behind to continue exploring life and spirituality, teach college students, and write. I’ve already soaked up several inspirational nuggets, things that get lost in the daily grind of life. Call it a kale juice cleanse for the soul. Actually, don’t. Kale still sucks and both my soul and I would rather have coffee.

Whether it’s “feel good” TV, a book, some writing, some exercise, or brunch with great company, I highly recommend using your Sundays to indulge in the good stuff, no matter what your to-do list tells you to do, or how high your guilt meter runs. Enjoy today and set the tone for an excellent week ahead.


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