Get Nesty

I spent the last two solid days cleaning our tiny living space, and I have to say- I feel LIKE A ROCK STAR. Months of living in boxed squalor definitely affected my psyche in a negative way, but the task of organizing, sorting, and throwing out felt too overwhelming. We now have an adult style bedroom (I made the bed,) and office space to enjoy while we investigate our next steps.

We’ve been saving for our first home, and lemme tell you- it’s going much slower than we’d hoped. We’re at the point now where we’re ready to take the leap, even if the house in question isn’t exactly what we dreamed of, or even if (gulp) we have to rent something for a while until we find a place we love. Because of this excitement, I’m feeling extra nesty and only want to discuss homey things.

Why Mess Causes Stress (Psychology Today) – One thing hubs and I can never seem to sync up on is: at what level does the clutter around us become an unlivable situation? Hint: for me, it’s MUCH sooner than him. I’ve been known to get lazy, get messy, and then have a mini-nervous breakdown when I can’t take it anymore and clean everything. It’s a delicate balance, and once things are cleaned and organized, staying that way can be just as tricky. All I know is that when there is a place for everything, and everything in its place, my peace levels increase tangibly. It’s an interesting study.

Top Paint Colors for 2015 (This Old House) – So of course, I’m back on Pinterest. All I see are shades of moderate to light grey with white trim and admittedly, I love the combination. It’s interesting to actually see what’s in for this year according to most popular purchases and Pantone. I’ve never had the luxury of choosing a color scheme from my home, but the one time I painted two accent walls in a former apartment, I fell in love. Color can change your world!

First Time Home Buyer Must-Dos (Bankrate) – I confess to being a property virgin with a lot to learn. If it wasn’t explicitly discussed on HGTV, I’m still learning. It’s embarrassing but you’ve got to go through the process once to understand it fully, like anything. Just ask questions, and Google things constantly. You can start with this freebie.

Things to Know Before Decorating Your First home (Apartment Therapy) – Again, more “a-ha” moments before you even find yourself in your new place. It’s a good reality check, after you’ve spent countless wasted hours daydreaming on Pinterest. You’ll be keeping that paneling for now because you’re poor… so deal with it.



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