Please Eat at Buffalo Proper, Right Now

So, here’s my dilemma. I want to talk about the dinner I had at Buffalo Proper over the weekend. I do not, however, have pictures to support this desire, or a ton of other new and different things to discuss that we haven’t already touched upon before. But, I have to swoon.

There are a lot of great restaurants in Western New York. There are some (especially the new ones,) that are exciting just because they’re new, and perhaps get a little too overly-hyped in the roll out. When Buffalo Proper opened over the summer, it was the talk of the town, and I chalked it up to some of that hullabaloo I mentioned before. If you know anything about food in Buffalo, you know Chef Ed Forster, and you know he’s renowned for a reason- because his work is excellent. I knew this, but for some reason stuck to several happy-hour-only visits to Buffalo Proper throughout the fall. Good food is lovely, but just how good could it be? I got my answer Saturday evening.

There was this chicken thigh…. (please imagine my dreamy face looking out a window.) We’ve all had chicken thighs hundreds of times, and sometimes, we even get “creative” with them. They taste decent. This chicken thigh, I will never forget. It was just one of the several small plates we ordered, and it was accompanied by a squash puree, pumpkin seed mole, pumpkin seeds, and persimmon. It was so well-seasoned with a crispy skin casing… I will think of it fondly, forever. A chicken thigh.

This is my chicken thigh, but this picture is thanks to Pictures cannot capture the magic.
This is my chicken thigh, but this picture is thanks to Pictures cannot capture the magic.

The restaurant also featured a special Valentine’s Day menu which included my second favorite plate of the night, fried Brussels sprouts. There are probably few people on this earth that get as excited about Brussels sprouts as I do. I actually licked the plate on this one. The charred, salty sprouts were a part of a small baking crock that included slivers of apple, squash, and toasted walnuts. All produce straight from the farm. If someone served me that dish every night, I’d be happy to take on the role of vegetarian. It felt like a well-rounded meal. We also indulged in the special plate of mussels, yellowfin tuna, and the rabbit terrine. For dessert? A large bowl of house made chocolate mousse, rich whipped cream, and a beet puree that was out of this world. I will think about this meal for a very long time, and highly recommend a visit to Buffalo Proper, soon. FYI- our bill was just over $100, and that’s WITH a bottle of wine. Don’t be scared.

Thanks to the blizzard outside and our yearning to do some sampling, we spent the rest of our evening hanging at the packed bar and enjoying the cocktail craftsmanship of Jon, bartender and GM. The man is an artist. My new favorite local band, Pine Fever, completely transported us back to a different place and time. We got lost in the evening. Also, we could not get a cab so we remained lost in the evening. Keep that in mind for the next time there’s a holiday+blizzard, which at this rate could be the next 4-5 holidays on the calendar.


2 thoughts on “Please Eat at Buffalo Proper, Right Now

  1. wanderingglutton says:

    Sounds like a good place to eat. Brussels sprouts are my favorite vegetable. I have even figured out a way to get people who don’t like them to eat them. Cut them in half and roast them in rendered bacon fat, along with lardons.

    1. The Daily Sampler says:

      That sounds amazing. I never had them growing up, because my mom was raised on the mushy, almost grey-colored kind. Poor thing. I’m trying to work on her, slowly. Bacon fat is the answer to most of life’s problems, I believe.

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