The Sexiest Love of All is…

Happy Valentine’s Day, Samplers! This year, whether you’re happily married, happily (or unhappily) single, coupled, just friends, or whatever, let’s focus on the most important form of love… self love! Not like that, c’mon. This is a moderately family-friendly blog. Sometimes. Not really. But you know what I mean. Pervs.

With less personal emphasis on just surviving in 2015, and more on thriving, I turn again to the best self love has to offer- loving oneself from the inside out. Here’s some sexy, happy ideas.

Feel More Passion in 5 Minutes (Mind Body Green)– I’m willing to bet 90% of the western world is on automatic drive most of the time. Going about the business of our days without taking any time to appreciate the colors around us, music in the air, or a friendly smile from a passerby. Yes, EVEN WHEN IT SNOWS (arghhhhhhhhhhh) the world around us is a trove of treasures. This little ditty will help you slow down and be more open to taking it all in.

Heart-Opening Yoga Poses (Popsugar) – There are plenty of ways to make your body feel ooooohhhh so good this Valentine’s Day (wink, wink, surprise face emoji) but this one is good, clean fun. It’ll also probably set your body up to be ready for whatever the rest of the day holds. (Blush face emoji, heart, heart, inappropriate hand gesture emojis.)

The Science of Self-Compassion (Prevention) – If you’re anything like me, and you must be, because I’m only friends with people exactly like me… you beat yourself up mercilessly for everything ranging from missing a spinning class to allowing yourself to wander the world for 3 days with a chipped manicure. We know it’s wrong, but we can’t stop. We’d NEVER treat our friends and family with such a lack of understanding, yet we just can’t let up on the self-judgements. It’s ass backwards, and it needs to stop. I’m happy to report since turning 30, I immediately have lightened up a little. It takes time.

The Benefits of Clean Eating (Parents) – I’ve read time and time again that looking good and feeling good comes from within. It’s true, smalls. It’s true. The farther away we get from processed food, fake sweeteners, and things that you add water to and microwave, the healthier we will all become. I think the answer to so many of our scariest problems lies in what we’ve been eating for the last 4-5 decades. Geh.



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