The Grammys 2015: A Review of the Second-Least Important Awards Show

It’s Monday, and I have off. That makes me feel as if I can take on the world this week AND post to the Sampler every single day. Let’s make it a goal and see what happens. This week is an exciting one because the tides of my life will change once again, and I will begin an exciting new venture, PLUS get back to the heart of what I love doing with my own business, Empire Digital Management. Yep, plugging hard. More on all of that later in the week.

Because Mondays are generally scattered wastes of time anyways, let’s cover a bunch of stuff. Who watched the Grammys last night? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller???? I did. I actually watched almost the entire show, which is unusual for me- but it was likely caused by the fact that my choices were the Grammys, or packing and re-packing boxes from our 1 millionth move. I chose Grammys. Here are some thoughts, if you missed the epic Tweet fest that we did live last night.

  • My best dressed went to Taylor Swift and Iggy Azalea. I don’t know what it was about those sleek, modern cutout dresses they were sporting but, they were stunning. I know, I know- what was up with Iggy’s hair? I didn’t mind it, honestly.

    Maybe it’s because of my fondness for bread.
  • Worst dressed – Meghan Trainor. Sigh. Look, I like the idea of Meghan Trainor and there are certainly artists that sing worse than her, but to wear what’s basically some nude Spanx under a shear dress to (what may be your) ONLY Grammys appearance, well it makes me bummed for her. You decide if I’m being a jerk or not. 1423444441_meghan-trainor-zoom
  • Many people felt the Grammys were “boring” because it featured a lot of artists doing this crazy thing… actually singing or playing an instrument. There was a noticeable but welcomed lack of Nicki Minaj slithering on the ground, and I thought that was kind of nice. Leave it to Madonna to give it her 56-year-old try at throwing her legs around male dancers heads and stomping around, trying not to hurt her knees. I was genuinely worried about her at points.

    Those men/bulls were clearly there to act as human-nets, just in case.
    Those men/bulls were clearly there to act as human-nets, just in case.
  • It wouldn’t be Grammys without Taylor Swift losing her mind over every single performance. Bless her heart. Unknown-1

    Much to Pharrell's dismay.
    Much to Pharrell’s dismay.
  • And then of course, there’s the “Who is Kanye West offending now?” segment of the program. At first, it seemed to be a funny-haha cutesy attempt to stay in the forefront of everyone’s mind that left even Beyonce and Jay-Z with looks of fear as Kanye approached the stage. Poor Beck! 
  • If it was to be funny, Kanye certainly proved otherwise and also perhaps what a lunatic he is, later in the evening. Get a life/no one cares KW! 

All in all, it was a low key night of people actually singing songs they wrote, or songs they didn’t write (#samsmith.) What was much more interesting was the premiere of Better Call Saul, the spin-off of the dearly beloved Breaking Bad. Result: we liked it, AND the premiere continues with another episode tonight. Not a bad way to get things started.

PS- if you were wondering what the first least-important awards show that is, obviously, The People’s Choice Awards. Please do not waste your time with that rigged nonsense.


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