Happy Hour – Because Life’s Too Short Not To

Like anyone, I go through phases of being really into healthy lifestyle, and that’s where I’m at now- at least mentally. Making it happen is another story. When I’m going really strong, eating really clean, and working on my fitness (thanks, Fergie,) I try to eliminate alcohol from my routine. So again, making it happen is another story. Ever since I crossed into that looming third decade, drinking is less fun for me, so I truly have cut back from the amounts of wine and/or vodka (favorites) I used to consume. However, I love wine. I really, really love wine. And wine makes the baddies go bye-bye. Life is too short to only talk about yoga. Let’s bring back Happy Hour. I used to post (sometimes from my smart phone in the middle of my students’ art class) every Friday on the perks of some kind of excellent alcohol-based fun. In the deep, dark black hole that is winter in Western New York, we need this. I need this. You know red wine is good for you. Let us count the ways. Happy Weekend! Best Excuse to Drink Red Wine (i100 from the Independent) – Because it’s tasty. Also- it will save you life. Drinking a Glass of Red Wine is the Same as Getting 1 HOUR of Exercise (Bustle) – This is obviously my favorite thing I’ve read in a long, long time. And now I know how incredibly healthy I truly am. 11


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