What It’s Like to be a Bed Model and Other Deep Thoughts

Remember when– I used to write every day, no matter how tired or uninspired I felt? And remember how it was in no way important or even cohesive? I miss those days. If you’re new to the DS, you might even have trouble finding those posts because they’re buried somewhere within.. but if you have time, go ahead and use the search feature at the bottom of the page. It’s an excellent way to spend your child’s hockey practice or kill time during commercials.

I have lots of random thoughts today, but no real message. I’m writing this from my bed. Bed is my favorite place to hang out after work because A] it’s butt cold (pretend you know what that means,) B] it’s dark, C] I’m tired, D] I just upgraded to my down comforter, and E] it’s the only place of complete solace in my house. If you could see me right now, you’d be like, “Wow. She looks like a bed and/or sheets model, but even more comfortable and beautiful.” At least the first part. I’m fighting sleep so hard. That’s the real reason you are reading these thoughts as they come from my head and onto the Internet.

The real issue here and the elephant in the room is that after work, I should be visiting with friends, working out, cleaning something, or doing something cooler than laying in bed- but I don’t want to. I want winter to end before I do any of that. I know that is dumb and I will have to get over it and start being cooler, soon. So here’s what we’re going to do.

One- we’re going to do more Sampling together. Good, old fashioned, link to other worthy articles/blogs/videos Sampling. Know of someone with cool stuff? Send it. People actually read this thing now, so it might be fun for all involved. Two- we’re going to try some new things and talk about it. I was recently invited to try a class at Revolution Indoor Cycling in Buffalo. That’s awesome and something that falls under my “not laying in bed, hiding from snow” requirement. I’ll tell you how it is and if you should go, too. If you know of something fun to do- tell me, and I’ll do it.

Now, back to my bed because it’s demanding all of my attention tonight. Stay warm and well-blanketed out there.

Photo on 2-3-15 at 8.45 PM
Why is that girl so happy?! Because of bed.

2 thoughts on “What It’s Like to be a Bed Model and Other Deep Thoughts

  1. Frank Comisso says:

    Hey Lindsay, just thoughts as I also write this from the bedroom while tilting my IPad so it doesn’t illuminate my wife while she is sleeping (talk about bed models!) My interaction with a dozen different people a day, through my job, usually is about the weather. ‘I can’t wait for spring’ or ”I’m stuck inside’. While true for some, most accept the weather and look for outdoor things to do like what’s going on at Canalside’. That’s the beauty of crappy weather for one season. We make the best of it and REALLY enjoy the other seasons when they get here. I mention this because I am having family visit from Europe and my first comment to them is to “wait until the weather gets better’. Felt a bit guilty at first, I am actually proud to live here, but then realized i really do want them to enjoy the best in our area – including our fine summers. Things to do in winter? Your job to post those😊. Plenty of fun things to do. One suggestion for you, though. Lindsay going from sheet model to race car model. Try the Pole Position – indoor car racing at the Galleria. Post a picture and let us know what Adam thinks about that? Stay warm!


    1. The Daily Sampler says:

      You are SO right! Can you imagine living in Florida everyday, and taking that warmth and sunshine for granted? We all need perspective sometimes. 🙂 Thanks for your message. PS- haven’t done anything cool yet. Maybe next week? hehe The Pole Position place sounds cool and I know the hubs would love it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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