I Hope You Learn Something From This Vague Post About Life

It’s hard having a blog sometimes, especially if you try to be really open and write about things that other people might also relate to and draw inspiration from. What I want to chat about is something I KNOW other people deal with on a daily basis, and I think some of the lessons I’ve learned can help others. But, there’s an ethical line.  When you’re walking that line of “what’s appropriate” to share, it’s even harder.

Here’s what I’ll say. In the spirit of reflecting on the whole “life’s too short” idea, I came to a decision this week to exit a very negative situation.  It’s not what I set out for, and the entire outcome has been nothing short of disappointing, but for me, it’s the right thing to do. Though I won’t go into great detail here, it’s something I want to write more about later on, because I think it’s important to share (insert shameless future publication plug.)

What I do want you to get out of this post is that no matter what difficult situation you find yourself in: an abusive relationship, a vicious professional setting, a dark personal matter, or having people in your life who don’t have your best interest at heart, – you will be okay. It IS okay to walk away. Things WILL work out, even if it’s not what you planned, or it takes extra work and effort to get to that better place. Never feel guilty or like you’ve failed. Failure is just a big and scary word for learning. Please know that nothing is permanent, and that above all, you should feel good about maintaining perspective on what’s important in your own life. Tune into that over all the other static and noise. Life is TOO short not to.


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