Buffalo Bucket List Update – Things We Ate

A few quick Sunday notes about how excellently I’ve been conquering my Winter Buffalo Bucket list. Okay, so I’ve only done two things and they were both eating. We’re celebrating small wins now, remember!?

After a recent evening of delicious beer and hot pretzel consumption at Resurgence, which let’s face it- is arguably one of best destinations in town whether it’s summer or winter, we headed over to a late dinner at Hydraulic Hearth. We didn’t have reservations and it was still bumping after 9PM. Also note, the kitchen closes at 10, so we got there in the nick of time! Phew.

photo 1

As we sat down at the bar, I noticed a sign featuring all of the local vendors that partner with HH, including Prudom Farms, Breadhive, Public Espresso, and off course Community Beer Works, which is brewed in-house. It’s that kind of thing that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Hubs and I ordered our first CBW’s… I had The Whale and he had Stout Affective Disorder- both delightful. Since we were cutting it close with kitchen closing, we opted to quickly order two pizzas to split: the Margherita (with added sausage, because my husband’s nickname used to be “Caveman,”) and an Arugula Pesto for “health.” We were surprised to find the lighter choice was the one that actually felt heavier. While the Margherita was light with its traditional tomato, mozzarella and basil (we’d prefer more basil next time,) the Arugula Pesto featured a thick, garlicky paste of arugula, pistachio and brussels sprouts. I really liked the flavors together and it was extremely fresh. Hubs preferred the lighter Margherita and don’t forget…that sausage which had the perfect amount of spice. It may have been just a tad too hearty for the delicate brick oven thin crust. There were several other choices we’d like to try, and it never hurts that the bartender was friendly, informative, and chatty. We’ll be back soon!

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Another night, post-hair appointment, I started thinking about oysters, which meant we had to give Billybar in Williamsville a try. Again, without reservations (it was a Wednesday night,) I was worried we wouldn’t be seated, given the INSANE AMOUNT of cars parked in every nook and cranny of the village. Seriously, what’s that about?!?

Anyways, I walked in to find that the restaurant was actually quite empty, so I have no idea where all those people went. I ordered a pinot noir, one of a few wine choices and settled in with the menu. It was smaller than I thought, and I was bummed to see I missed the $1 oyster happy hour, from 4-5. Now in real life, I’ll probably never be able to participate in that unless I take the afternoon off.. but oyster happy hour seems to be the way to go. Otherwise, a half dozen oysters will cost you $13. A dozen is $23. Does that seem high? Maybe I’m out of touch. I know I’m saving for a house, so it seemed high. I ordered 3, just to get my fix on. They were great, and I loved the jalapeño and chili mignonette that accompanied them. We also ordered pressed sandwiches because we were starving. I had the Vegetarian with roasted peppers, avocado, tomato and jack cheese and hubs had the Steak that we were told had a “full Flat Iron” on it, along with onions and some other stuff (was busy cramming my face.) We both enjoyed our meals. The sandwiches were served with standard potato chips. I would have loved to see a more inventive side, or the option to add fries or something more interesting. It could be an option… maybe I missed it?

photo 5

So… what’s next? There are rumors of skiing on the horizon…. stay tuned. PS, I don’t ski.


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