Redefining Success


I’ve been thinking so much about the definition of success lately, or at least how we as American craze balls define it. I believe our definition of success is supremely skewed in favor of: doing it all, having it all, pushing ourselves to the edge, and then patting ourselves on the back for constantly attempting to achieve it (but usually never actually “getting there”.) In the process we’re often giving up on things like relaxation, sleep, exercise, eating real food, family and friend time, and peace of mind. I know there’s a balance in there somewhere, and I admit I’ve been struggling to find it.

Recently, I got really sick. While my body shut down, it allowed me to think about what is important to me, and reconnect with how well I’m living. Turns out- not so well. I have goals like anyone else, and in my effort to reach these goals, I thought I had to follow the path of “typical success” as I call it, and there was a part of me that actually really wanted to follow it. That path got me to a place of exhaustion, weight fluctuation, illness, skin issues, stress, and unhappiness. And for what? It made me see that serious changes are in order, so the next few months will be focused on efforts to reprioritize. I believe we can reach our goals and have a great life, but perhaps following the original definition of success is not the way to get there.

My new definition of success will include the words rest, peace, laughter, strength, positivity, mindfulness, nourishment, reading (actual books,) writing, singing, and joy. I have so many thoughts on this. We’re just getting started.


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