A Very 2015 Buffalo Bucket List (Winter Edition)

It’s time for me and everyone else in Western New York to publish our:


Whooooooop whoop!

Mine will be different than everyone else’s because-

-I sucked at finishing my fall 2014 bucket list. Like, basically abandoned it in favor of overworking/eating/sleeping. Borrrringggggg! I already have a hefty start thanks to the rollover.

-Mine will truly be experienced on a budget-friendly basis. Hubs and I have pussyfooted around for 4-5 months, just kind of doing whatever we felt like and not really focusing on our ultimate goal of owning a home by spring time. Eek. Have to make up for lost time.

Let’s do it.


  • Hydraulic Hearth. I heard the cutest story about a couple who recently visited, had a delicious meal, and then had it surprise-paid for by none other than papa Zemsky himself. His only request? Invite all your friends and come back sometime soon!
  • 716. I know it’s not the bee’s knees of foodie-approved restaurants, but it is a destination. I wish we had an exciting local sporting event to gather and watch together there. Maybe next year… like 2016 next year. There is March Madness around the corner though- can’t wait!
  • Elm Street Bakery. I have a general need to spend more time in East Aurora and the south towns this year. Maybe I’ll move there. Hey- you never know. It kind of sucked me in. All I’ve heard is excellent things about ESB.
  • Anywhere with Pho. When I lived in Ann Arbor, my Pho intake way way higher than it is now, and that’s probably in part because I live in the suburbs and I’m lazy. I know all the best Pho places in WNY are within the city limits. Have to try harder on this one.
  • Ristorante Lombardo. It’s sick and wrong, but the truth is, I’ve never dined there for a full meal. I know it’s among the nicest, most consistent spots in town, and when there’s no competition for patios or other distracting elements, winter is probably a great time to experience it, right?
  • The Black Sheep. Another one on my to-do list. I feel slightly cheated that Bistro Europa came and went while I lived out of the state. Oh well/move forward.
  • Plus- Billybar, Oshun, Martin Cooks, Ballyhoo, Dog e Style (c’mon-have to,) and more. Again, let’s keep in mind the budget. It will be a slow but fun undertaking!


  • Albright Knox. Buffalo Science Museum. Burchfield Penney. Buffalo History Museum.  These are rollovers from my original Very Buffalo Bucket List, and I will do it all by spring time, K? There’s just no excuse.
  • Canalside/Ice Skating/Winter Stuff. We all know Canalside was amazing during the summer, and from everything I’ve heard, it’s also amazing in the winter. That makes me so happy. I know they have to work on the whole ice-management thing, but it’s a learning curve. They’ll get it.
  • Brewery/Distillery Visits. Another rollover, winter is a great time to sit indoors and do some tasting. Now, this will have to be on a day I commit to drinking. 2015 kind of feels like the year to move away from alcohol a bit, but I’m sure I can make an allowance here and there for some quality imbibing.
  • Other Tours. What that means? I don’t know. I’m kind of in the midst of a history phase- where I just want to soak up cool facts about Western New York. So maybe anything from the Forgotten Buffalo website. Yeahhhhh.
  • Anywhere. In the winter, we’re all guilty of doing some hibernating. I feel like thanks to illness and snow, I’ve gotten a LOT of hibernating out of the way, early, making me more than ready to break free. I’m willing to try just about anything this winter to bring some excitement and good feelings into the picture. May include: giving skiing another shot (pray for me,) improving my sportsmanship by playing darts until I no longer only hit the wall or floor, more live music events, more comedy events, drinking hot chocolate outside near a bonfire (okay,maybe I’m out of ideas.)
Winter fun. Picture via thebuffalonews.com.
Winter fun. Picture via thebuffalonews.com.

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